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COVID and the open line

373 new cases and positive test rate in double digits.

More complaints about Republican gerrymander of new legislative districts

More complaints about excessive partisanship and racial discrimination in Republican plans to redraw legislative districts.

Hutchinson says Republican leader should have condemned Boebert's anti-Muslim remarks; dodges vaccination failure in Arkansas; blames inflation on Biden

He calls for more civility in discourse.

'The dismal history of big infrastructure'

Major infrastructure projects have been plagued by delays and cost overruns, the New York Times says. Duh, say victims of the big concrete ditch through Little Rock.

COVID and the open line

500 new cases on a Saturday.

Leadership failure in the time of COVID. There Rutledge goes again

Rutledge encourages vaccine resistance. Pro-life, it isn't.

Woo pig! An early open line

The Hogs are playing, the line is open and COVID claims a life in a state still divided over vaccinations.

COVID today: Get a shot

303 new cases today but no additional deaths.

New analysis: A detailed takedown of proposed legislative redistricting as partisan and racially discriminatory

It's the most detailed examination yet of the Republican-proposed redistricting and the criticism is sweeping.

Huckabees lose Florida lawsuit over beach closure as pandemic precaution

Huckabee claim for damage dismissed by federal judge.
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DeFrance, Tragikly White and Bad Habit play 'The Mystro Show' tonight at Rev Room

Sets from DeFrance featuring Wes Jeans, Tragikly White, and Bad Habit for a good cause.

Unwed Sailor, Or and Sling at Vino's tonight

Our pick for pre-gaming the lunar eclipse tonight.

Work by Timothy Hursley, James Matthews, Peter Scheidt up at Historic Arkansas Museum

This collection of three Arkansas artists — photographer Timothy Hursley, sculptor/woodworker Peter Scheidt and documentarian/textile artist James Matthews — is up through January at the Historic Arkansas Museum.

Olivia Walton replaces Alice Walton as Crystal Bridges board chairperson

After ten years, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art founder and benefactor Alice Walton is passing the baton to Olivia Walton.

'Frosty Half-Blood Moon' eclipse coming Thursday night

As seen from Little Rock, the “Frosty Moon” eclipse will begin reddening around 1:18 a.m. and will continue to deepen into the wee hours of Friday morning, reaching its “peak” at 3:02 a.m., when the moon is closest to the center of Earth’s shadow.

Slideshow: Korto Momolu's Freedom Collection premieres in SoMa

Korto Momolu premiered her "Freedom Collection" Saturday night in Little Rock.

New music from Tiny Towns

New music from Tiny Towns.

Drive-By Truckers and Buffalo Nichols at Rev Room tonight

Big show at Rev Room tonight.

Thanksgiving night is saved; Bijoux, Tawanna Campbell, and Dee Dee Jones sing at Shooters Bar & Grill

Bijoux, Tawanna Campbell-Berry and Dee Dee Jones at Shooters Thanksgiving night.

Richard Thompson and Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster play at UA Fayetteville this weekend

English singer-songwriter Richard Thompson gives a solo acoustic performance in Fayetteville this weekend.
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Happy Thanksgiving from Eat Arkansas, and some musings on pickle+cranberry pie

Is there a dubious Thanksgiving dish served every year that repulses you? Or do you have a bizarre tradition that you absolutely love for its sentimental flavor? What's your favorite Thanksgiving leftovers tradition? We need to know!

Oaklawn hosting the All-In Steak Showdown this weekend

Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort in Hot Springs is hosting a Steak Cookoff Association steak (and frog leg) cook-off this weekend on Friday Nov. 19 and Saturday Nov. 20. Contestants have until Friday at noon to register for four different cook-off competitions, which include cash prizes of up to $1,000.

I tried the Prickly Pickle and it didn’t hurt a bit

Fried food intolerance be damned, Guy Lancaster went all in on The Prickly Pickle — and then back for seconds.

Big Bad Breakfast coming to West Little Rock in early 2022

Founded in Oxford in 2008 by chef and author John Currence, a New Orleans native and James Beard award winner, Big Bad Breakfast has become a staple in Oxford and beyond, known for its high-end, decadent breakfast fare.

Arkansas brewers know, real men drink hard seltzer

Local brewers improve on the White Claw model.

I'd like an order for pick up: Thanksgiving dinner

Local restaurants offering Thanksgiving feasts to go.

Lost Forty's Festival of Darkness raises $4,100 for Recycle Bikes for Kids

Lost Forty Brewing announced today that the Festival of Darkness raised $4,100 for Recycle Bikes for Kids, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has provided over 19,000 bikes back into the community since its inception in 2008.

k-Bird going on hiatus

Chef Richard Glasgow, owner and operator of k-Bird, announced last week on Facebook that he is closing the restaurant until "communal dining, and strangers sharing tables are no longer sources of discomfort."

2050: The shift to delivery and drive-thru continues

Restaurants will be forced to reckon with sustainability.

The Arkansas Barbecue Trail

Barbecue tourism is an Arkansas thing, and it's time for you to hit the road.
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