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Ruth Ginsburg has died

Sadness. That is all.

The Asa Inc. Campaign Sleaze Edition

On this week's podcast, Max Brantley and Lindsey Millar talk about the latest COVID-19 news, including how Arkansas is likely to come up short in additional pandemic unemployment payments. They also talk about the race for Arkansas's 2nd congressional district and the latest on LRPD infighting.

Coronavirus shuts down Little Rock Southwest High School

From a two-week suspension of football to a total shutdown, Southwest High School hit by coronavirus.

And if Kanye wins Arkansas ....

A sample of the people who'll cast Arkansas's votes in the electoral college.

The open line and today's news: From COVID to Kanye

Kanye draws his electors from East Arkansas.

Coronavirus today: another 871 new cases

Also seven more deaths.

As the election nears, more thoughts on voting, both by mail and in person

New software will allow voters in many places, including Pulaski County, to track the handling of an absentee ballot.

Republican hypocrisy: All in the Gilmore family, otherwise known as Asa Inc. UPDATE

A familiar tale of staggering Republican hypocrisy.

More COVID disruptions in Little Rock School District

A sixth grade at Forest Heights must go all virtual and football disrupted at Southwest High School.

Who you gonna trust on COVID-19?

Spitting into the Arkansas wind here.
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From Rock Candy

Recommended reading: Olly Neal's autobiography "Outspoken"

“You might not believe that an inexperienced health clinic director could become a civil rights bogeyman or hero depending on who you were talking to," Neal's summary reads. "I was. And it all happened in a flash.”

Melba Pattillo Beals speaks at Sept. 23 installment of Oxford American's Landmark Series

"No Tears Suite" gets a release on Sept. 25, and you can catch a discussion with Melba Pattillo Beals and the musicians on Sept. 23 at Oxford American's Landmark Series.

More support for UA Little Rock from the Windgate Foundation

The foundation has provided the university $3 million for maintenance of the Windgate Center of Art and Design.

Monumental at the Momentary: Nick Cave's "Until"

The artist behind the sound suit creates installations addressing the question: "Is there racism in heaven?"

Arkansas Cinema Society's Filmland goes drive-in this year

Arkansas Cinema Society takes its film fest offerings outdoors to MP Outdoor Cinema, a 180-car theater with a 36-foot screen at 6700 Allied Drive Way in Little Rock.

Rwake and Terminal Nation lend tracks to anti-racist Bandcamp compilation

Forty-six metal, noise and punk outfits are throwing their music behind a Bandcamp compilation titled "Shut It Down: Benefit for the Movement for Black Lives," and two of those 46 are Arkansas's own Rwake and Terminal Nation.

Buffalo Gals' "Where the Heart Wants to Go" is a rural queer quarantine dream

There's a lot more to the new Buffalo Gals album than its quarantine soundtrack qualities, particularly its treatment of matters of rural queer identity.

New music coming from Pallbearer

Here's director Ben Meredith's video for the title track, which, promisingly, wanders the turf between Descarte's Dream argument, molecular gas clouds and classic Sabbath.

Creators' Village hosts songwriting camp in Northwest Arkansas

Dazzmin Murry's nonprofit, Creators' Village, is hosting a songwriter's camp in Bentonville, Friday Sept. 11 through Sunday, Sept. 13.

UA Pulaski Tech's CHARTS 2020-2021 season features Bobby McFerrin, Minnijean Brown-Trickey, Asleep at the Wheel, Ani DiFranco, Jane Lynch

The lineup of performances/events begins Jan. 6, 2021.
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The Creek Rocks, "I Scream Social," a laser safari and more this weekend

A few spots to hit for food and entertainment this weekend.

Three Fold talks about the process for making 'mo'

Is there a more fastidious restaurateur in Central Arkansas than Lisa Zhang, owner of Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co.? The last time I interviewed her she told me that she had determined that one dumpling includes 24 ingredients and takes 21 steps to finish. Today, in similar spirit, the restaurant's Facebook page delves into the process for making the "mo," or buns (usually served in sandwich form at Three Fold).

The Faded Rose reopens its dining room

The Faded Rose, Ed David’s nearly 40 year-old-New Orleans-style Cajun and Creole restaurant on Rebsamen Park Road, opened its dining room to the public today after nearly six months of scaled-back to go/curbside service and — starting in late July — patio dining. 

Labor Day weekend dining plans?

The workforce has earned a day of celebration for who they are and what they do. This Labor Day shouldn’t be hard. Let us do the strategizing for you. 

Rainy day patios, because bad weather shouldn't rule out good food

Now that dining in the open air is deemed a safer option than eating indoors, restaurants with comfortable patios are catching the eyes (and dollars) of Central Arkansas diners. So what do we do in a late summer characterized by tropical storm winds and an unseasonable amount of rain? We decided to put a list together of rain-or-shine restaurant patios for our readers.

Charlee's Good Time Drinkery brings eats, drinks and flamingos to Prospect Building

Rodge Arnold, owner of Charlee’s Good Time Drinkery, understands the demand for good quality late-night grub. “I’ve been in the business for 16 years,” he said. “I actually worked here 10 or 11 years ago, when it was Salut.” 

Three Fold Mobile adds shaved ice to its offerings

Three Fold’s most popular ice is lychee, a tropical fruit native to southeastern China. “A lot of people describe it like a very ripe grape or kind of a floral taste,” general manager Rebecca Yan said.

How to open a restaurant during a pandemic

Despite economic uncertainty and hardship, several brand-new restaurants — like Brood & Barley and Cypress Social — have popped up. Henrietta's is still in the works, and a renovated Oyster Bar is coming.

42 bar and table open for delivery, curbside

The menus will include daily specials, family-style meals and wine pairings curated by 42’s sommelier.

Oh, good, waiting tables is worse than it used to be

Rhett Brinkley talks about what it's like to wait tables during a pandemic. (Audio by Sydney Hunsicker and Jack Lloyd.)
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