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Group announces effort to recall Russellville mayor for anti-marijuana decision

Hot on the heels of Russellville Mayor Richard Harris' refusal to permit a marijuana dispensary in the city comes announcement of a campaign to get him recalled in a November election.

The killing fields: Today's video roundup and open line

The video news roundup is all about killing, of humans and animals. The line is open.

Officers kill gunman who fired on Dallas federal building

Officers killed a gunman who opened fire on the federal building in Dallas. No one else was hurt.

Police identify three killed on W. 16th

Police have identified the three women found shot to death June 6 in a house on W. 16th Street.

Suspect in Linda Collins' slaying faces capital murder charge

Becky O'Donnell, 48, of Pocahontas, was arraigned Monday in court in Pochontas on a capital murder charge in the death of former Sen. Linda Collins.

Marijuana dispensary sues Russellville for zoning denial

The Courier in Russellville reports that 420Rx, which has a state permit to open a marijuana dispensary in Russellville, has sued Mayor Richard Harris and the City Council for refusing it a special use permit.

Deer hunting in Little Rock? It's being studied

City Manager Bruce Moore has distributed to the City Board ways in which the city could allow bow hunting of deer in the city limits to reduce the deer population.

Another way of looking at Little Rock parks and golf expenses

Little Rock is about to cut the biggest revenue producer in its parks department -- two golf courses.

Lockheed Martin to expand Camden factory, add 326 jobs

Lockheed Martin announced at the Paris Air Show today that would expand its defense factory in Camden, a $142 million investment that will add 326 jobs.

Running drugs from Canada

A sobering story in the Washington Post about caravans traveling to Canada to obtain insulin at a tenth of the cost in the U.S.
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New record store, Control, opens Saturday in Hillcrest

"When Wes told me the idea of the name 'Control,' I thought it was a perfect fit for a record store. I’ve always thought of music was a way to take control of your world. Whether it's personal or political, music is a way to find your way through everything."

2nd Friday Art Night roundup: Art, music, living history

Coming Friday, June 14: A busy 2nd Friday Art Night features new exhibits, new venues, and gamblers and tavern owners over at the Old State House Museum.

Jimmy Buffett took his "lucky band of goofballs" to Verizon Arena

“We’re a lucky band of goofballs who get to do this for a living."

Leave Her Alone: Kari Faux talks fear, power and having a "Kanye moment"

“I’m so many things,” Faux said. “I’m goofy. I’m creative. I’m smart, when I want to be. I’m sexy. I’m loud. I’m fearless. Sometimes I’m scared, sometimes I’m a crybaby, sometimes I’m dismissive. Sometimes I’m detached. I’m all of these things.

"Dear Walmart" doc screens in Bentonville ahead of Walmart's annual shareholder's meeting

The film was screened for a group of around 40 Walmart associates and, a press release said, "profiles Walmart associates and their fight for respect at Walmart through OUR Walmart (now United for Respect) over the last near-decade."

Arkansas Country Music Awards honors legends and up-and-comers alike

Arkansas Country Music Awards (ACMA) held its annual ceremony Monday night, June 3, presenting signed and unsigned Arkansas musicians and singer-songwriters, heralding the talents of country music talent from sound engineers and entertainers to radio promoters to dobro players.

HBO's "Chernobyl" asks: What's the price of a lie?

In laying the disaster at the feet, primarily, of liars and tinpot dictators, “Chernobyl” creator Craig Mazin here has spun a deft political drama for an era where the phrase “Russian election interference” has rocked Europe and the United States.

Watch Arkansas artists work in "DELTA 60"

The Arkansas Arts Center bids au revoir with "DELTA 60," a documentary film about artists Melissa Cowper-Smith, Neal Harrington, Tammy Harrington, Robyn Horn, Tim Hursley, Lisa Krannichfeld, James Matthews, Dusty Mitchell, Aj Smith and Marjorie Williams Smith. 

Judas Priest and Uriah Heep rock against the rolling river in Little Rock

As the river encroached the park, lapping against the bricks of the back of the amphitheater, its brisk current often matched the blistering tempos. Geese wandered about near the backstage equipment like hopeful groupies.

Fayetteville’s arts corridor proposal mirrors the city’s "wild west" approach to city development

The Renaissance had its de’ Medicis, the 20th century its Rockefellers and Fords. We have the Waltons, and a Walton-funded arts community on steroids, fueled by a "wild west" approach to city development and arts cultivation.
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Pic of That Ramen Place's Seaweed Salad

Ramen and the American Dream

Hard to pick a favorite at That Ramen Place.

Little Rock mocktail guide

Shirley Temple’s got some company.

A little bit about that bourbon at Pig & Swig

Calling all bourbon lovers! The Arkansas Times' 3rd annual Pig & Swig event on Friday, June 14, at the River Market Pavilions will feature five Knob Creek whiskeys.

Pizza D is back, of course

Perhaps to nobody's surprise, the doors to the beloved Stifft Station dive, Pizza D'Action, will open up once again this afternoon at 4 p.m., this time under the direction of Rev Room manager Mike Brown.

Summer is coming and so is Pig and Swig

It’s the time of year for seersucker suits, sipping whiskey and watching the river flow by. You can be that laid-back and party, too, at the third annual Arkansas Times Pig and Swig, coming to the River Market on Friday, June 14.
Picture of lobster roll from The Capital Seafood House

The Capital's Seafood House off to a good start

Prince Williams hopes his bar and seafood shack will earn a reputation for solid food and keep people coming back. The duck gumbo will make us return.

The deep-fried cauliflower at Blue Sage Vegan is your new favorite sandwich

If you are not currently wedging some deep-fried cauliflower into your work week, you might not be doing it right. 

Feast on grasshoppers with the Southern Foodways Alliance

The 2019 Summer Field Trip of the Southern Foodways Alliance is hopping over to Bentonville in June.
baklava-topped ice cream

700,000-piece mosaic icon (and new eats) to debut at Greek Food Fest

Two-dimensional Byzantine iconography surrounds the Anunciation visitor on all sides — intentionally presented in a flat matte style, "not meant to be Renaissance art," Father Nicholas said — but now, the eye is drawn to the radiant glass at the altar, Christ in a gold robe and halo, holding a chalice in one hand and the Eucharist symbol on the other. Over 200 shades of glass and eight months of work went into the icon, Father Nicholas said. 

A stone's throw from Hillcrest: Stone's Throw opens second location

Stone's Throw Brewing opens its Stifft Station Taproom on May 7.
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