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Ask the Times: The case of the missing scooters

Another coronavirus casualty.

LR Convention Bureau provides tax assistance to hospitality businesses

A waiver of penalty and interest and a deferred payment plan are being offered to devastated businesses.

Hopeful news: Staying home really may save lives

Interesting health trends from an Internet-connected thermometer.

Coronavirus can’t stop Arkansas from being counted

We must ensure communities of color are counted.

The daily video and open line: How the state is coping with the emergency management mess Trump made

Daily news roundup isn't all coronavirus today.

Arkansas's unemployed deal with new reality

Feelings of shock, uncertainty fill empty schedules.

Coronavirus update: An 8th death and a plan to restrict out-of-state visitors to parks

An eighth death is among today's count of 523 coronavirus cases and the governor says he's looking at ways to curtail out-of-state visitors to state parks.

8th Circuit upholds Oren Paris' conviction in Ecclesia kickback/bribe case

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals today upheld the conviction of Oren Paris III, former president of Ecclesia College, in the kickback/bribery scheme involving state one funneled by two former legislators, Micah Neal and Jon Woods.

Another lawsuit challenges state takeover of Little Rock School District

A second lawsuit was filed today attacking the state's continuing takeover of the Little Rock School District.

State extends casino closure until April 30

The state has extended the coronavirus closure order on the state's casinos until April 30.
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Lights out at the White Water: A Q&A with Matt White

We talk with Matt White, co-owner of the storied White Water Tavern, about the bar's hiatus.

Watching "Ozark?" Listen for Little Rock musicians on Episode 9

Check out the (mostly) Little Rock outfit The Romany Rye on the new season of Netflix's "Ozark."

COVID-19 pushes the pause button on the Little Rock music industry

Arkansas musicians and venue owners talk about the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the music industry.

Blowout: Little Rock’s beauty and tattoo workers talk pandemic

We talked to five people in (and around) the beauty and grooming industry about COVID-19-related closures, and about what they see coming in the months ahead. 

A guide to sports on the screen in the age of COVID-19

Where to watch sports in a (mostly) sports-less world.

Wednesday Night Poetry marks its 1,626th consecutive week with a virtual open mic

The legendarily long-running poetry series in Hot Springs goes live tonight at 7 p.m. CST on the WNP Facebook page, with "video poems" from over 40 poets near and far presented as a "virtual open mic." 

Make a movie this weekend for 48 Hour Film's "Stuck at Home" series

Holed up at home? Might as well make a movie.

Surviving the coronavirus: A Q&A with Ashlie Atkinson

We caught up with Atkinson yesterday about the virus, its impacts on New York economy, and why you should listen to the folks telling you to STAY HOME. 

Free resources to keep your kids entertained at home

Check out these free online resources for kids that will hopefully make social distancing a little bit easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

Shoog Radio's got your local livestream calendar

Check out Shoog Radio's weekly Gig Guide — this week, a compilation of local artists with livestreams scheduled this week, or artists who lost gigs this week due to cancelations.
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El Sur’s baleadas are without rival

My favorite thing to eat in Little Rock right now is the baleada con todo from El Sur, Luis Vasquez’s Honduran food truck often found (in normal times) in the South Main neighborhood.

Dero Sanford offers free food photography for local restaurants during the pandemic

Six days ago, Sanford put out a call on his social media platforms offering to do five free shots of plated food for Central Arkansas restaurants in need of some enticing promotional material.

Capi Peck coordinates meal train to nursing home beset by COVID-19

Capi Peck — city director for West Little Rock’s Ward 4 and the “self-taught good cook” behind Trio’s Restaurant — has launched a “meal train” to feed medical and support staff at Briarwood Nursing Center, a senior care facility on Rodney Parham Road that’s currently beset by an outbreak of COVID-19.

The Root Cafe has a grocery market

Add The Root Cafe to a growing list of restaurants modifying their operations for increased curbside and delivery service.

Copper Grill channeling donations to feed first responders

Downtown Little Rock's Copper Grill, for one, is channeling donations from a GoFundMe campaign to help make meals for first responders during the coronavirus crisis. 

Service industry workers register for DLRP's "virtual tip jar"

Downtown Little Rock Partnership launched a "virtual tip jar" Friday, compiling the Venmo and Paypal accounts of Little Rock service industry workers to give them a boost during financially dubious times.

Eight places to buy groceries that aren't Kroger

If you're having trouble finding pantry staples and fresh produce at the big box grocery stores, might we suggest you patronize a local establishment like Heights Corner Market or Sam's Oriental?

Little Rock restaurant workers weigh in on the pandemic

I’ve been waiting tables for 13 years, and I’ve never been scared to go to work. As the virus is spreading throughout the country and Arkansas, I wanted to talk to other service industry workers here in Little Rock about how they’ve been feeling, and what changes their restaurants or bars have had to make to try to deal with this pandemic.  

How Yellow Rocket Concepts is moving forward amid the coronavirus

Yellow Rocket Concepts, the group that owns nine restaurants in Arkansas and employs some 500, announced today that it was suspending dine-in operations at all of its restaurants. The restaurant group's revenue has cratered in recent days. Co-owner John Beachboard said he expected it to be down as much as 80 percent today. But he said he and his partners had made the decision to continue paying their employees through the coronavirus pandemic — even if it bankrupts the company.

The Library Kitchen + Lounge: No books, much lunch

The spot still has that cavernous feel of the old Gusano’s, though it manages to feel a little more homey.
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