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The long political history of universal health care

That old bogeyman Ulysses S. Socialism has arrived again on the usual signal — an approaching election where medical care and social welfare are big issues with voters and politicians. It has been so for more than a century, although memories, as always, are in short supply.

The Pope County Drama Edition

Pope County casino drama, Tom Cotton and Greenland, the future of the Little Rock School District and more — covered on this week's podcast.

Justice Ginsburg receives cancer treatment

Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has received treatment for a tumor on her pancreas, the Supreme Court announced today.

Today's news, from court politics to Trump

Today's video includes Supreme Court politics, public drinking and resumption of Trump tirades.

Appeal filed by man convicted of falsely reporting Jason Rapert

Man convicted of filing false police report against Sen. Jason Rapert has served notice of appeal of his misdemeanor conviction.

Cheryl Maples, lawyer advocate for gay rights, dies at 69

Cheryl K. Maples, the attorney who first brought the legal challenge to Arkansas's now defunct ban on same sex marriage, has died at 69.

Cache presents Fried Chicken Friday

Cache's lunch specials for today: beef tortilla soup, grilled shrimp salad or Cache's Southern Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes, brown gravy, peas & carrots and a piece of cornbread.
Little Rock River Market at night.

Downtown prepares for launch of River Market Entertainment District 

On Friday, the River Market in downtown Little Rock will officially become an entertainment district, allowing patrons of legal drinking age and older to enjoy alcoholic beverages in public — so long as they’re wearing a branded wristband and drinking their booze from official cups emblazoned with the district’s logo. 

A silent justice prompts look at race for Arkansas Supreme Court

Will Jo Hart seek re-election to the Arkansas Supreme Court in March? Has she struck a deal to help Attorney General Leslie Rutledge succeed her? The unanswered questions have a circuit judge considering whether to enter the race.

Pine Bluff man pleads guilty to mailing threat to Tom Cotton

Henry Goodloe, 77, of Pine Bluff, pleaded guilty in federal court today to mailing a threatening letter to U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton. It contained a white powder later determined to be unbleached flour and starch. He'll be sentenced later.
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Guest Playlist: Pete Campos

Campos, who hails from the outskirts of a one-stoplight town called Mangham, La., put together a 24-track guest playlist, “The One with the Songs,” for the Arkansas Times.

DLRP seeking more public art

The Downtown Little Rock Partnership has issued two RFPs seeking murals for two sites.

Summer music from Dylan Earl, Tsukiyomi, John Burnette, Bonnie Montgomery and more

Volume on. There's new Dylan Earl, Tsukiyomi, Bonnie Montgomery and more.
starry sky on the Bufffalo River at Grinder's Ferry

Let's Talk Lumens: A Q&A with Bruce McMath of the Arkansas Natural Sky Association

"Utility companies wanting to sell electricity off-peak at night and politicians wanting simple solutions to complicated problems have sold light as an antiseptic to crime," McMath said, "which it decidedly is not."

"Ann," "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time" and "Bye Bye Birdie" up at The Rep in spring of 2020

"Ann," Holland Taylor's play about legendary Texas governor Ann Richards, goes up Jan. 29-Feb. 16; Simon Stephens' visually spectacular "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time" plays April 1-19; and the classic musical comedy "Bye Birdie" goes up July 8-26. 

The 1980s in Arkansas art: UA Little Rock, Mitchell Williams pair up

The Mitchell Williams Corporate Collection joins artworks from the UA Little Rock collection to create "Paired Collections: Contemporary Art in 1980s Arkansas.

Here's the 'Dolemite Is My Name' trailer

Here's the trailer for Netflix's upcoming "Dolemite Is My Name" film, starring Eddie Murphy as Arkansas native . It'll have its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival next month and then come to Netflix sometime in the fall.

Arkansas Cinema Society opens Filmland with 'Troop Zero'

The girls in ACS' Filmmaking Lab for Teen Girls are part of ACS' opening night screening, premiering the flicks they made as part of the eight-week project earlier this year.

'From Dixie with Love': A Q&A with Trae Crowder, The Liberal Redneck

While the South continues to serve as the primary scapegoat for the rest of the United States when matters of race and exploitation come to the fore of public consciousness, Crowder sees it as part of his mission to complicate that image — to show that someone from a rural, impoverished background can embody cosmopolitan values and progressive ideals.

George Takei’s “They Called Us Enemy” exhumes Rohwer, comic book-style

In “They Called Us Enemy,” the “Star Trek” actor’s new graphic novel memoir from Top Shelf, Takei tells the story of his family being removed from their homes in 1942 and sent by train to an internment camp — a euphemism, Takei notes archly, for imprisonment — in southeast Arkansas.
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Chatz burger, barbecue sandwich among the best in town

Arkansas's source for breaking news and analysis, with coverage of politics, Little Rock, dining, entertainment, medical marijuana, art, health care,...

Get over your skepticism of vegan food

Blue Sage Vegan's “Don’t Be a Chick’n” sandwich is a masterpiece.

'In wine, there is truth': Tasting the Arkansas River Valley terroir

Along the Arkansas River Valley in Altus, there is a wine trail rich in history, rooted in family and eclectic in presentation.

Indian Kitchen is curry as comfort food

Indian Kitchen drops the pretense of fine dining in favor of Indo-Pak comfort food with a focus on catering.

Trader Joe's confirmed as tenant for former Toys 'R Us location in West Little Rock

After much speculation and petitioning, Arkansas Business confirms today that Trader Joe's is indeed setting up shop at the former Toys 'R Us in West Little Rock, at 11500 Financial Center Parkway. 

The Happy Camper at Paninis & Co. makes good on its name

While Panini & Co. supports vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, general manager Benjamin Hoanzl says the goal is to “provide variety for everybody.”

King Kone on top of the empire

King Kone’s large menu, a dictionary book of flavors, covers the entire front of the purple cinder-block building. But if you’re here, you probably have some variation of ice cream and/or burgers on your mind.
tacos at El Mezcal image

Hillcrest's El Mezcal shows a lot of promise

Don’t take this as a full-fledged restaurant review from Arkansas Times: We’re just letting you know what we loved and what might need that aforementioned improvement (very little, we’ll tell you now!).

Patients impatient for the arrival of edibles in Arkansas: Feed thyself

We got buds in the oven.
Pic of That Ramen Place's Seaweed Salad

Ramen and the American Dream

Hard to pick a favorite at That Ramen Place.
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