It’s Superhero Day at the Library!  Most of my costume decisions are based on what I have hanging in my closet at the time.  Which is why my standard last-minute costume is typically “hooker.”  Make of that what you will.  But for Superhero Day, I realized that I owned a Superman tank top (purchased on the cheap for a “rockstar” costume that I must confess was vaguely “hooker with blue hair.”  It’s a fine line with me, really.)

I didn’t know what Superhero Day would involve, but I assumed they would show a few movies since there are tons to choose from.  To be honest, almost everything I know about comics comes from movies and The Adventures of Cavalier and Clay.  There have also been a few delightful outbursts from guys I never knew read comics.  I have friends whom I’ve never seen reading a comic book.  I never saw a stray comic at their house, but if I made a Green Lantern joke that didn’t track, they would set me straight with a quickness.  The most spectacular instance was when a guy in grad. school did a presentation on concepts of doctors in Victorian literature that led into a discussion of the mad scientist figure.  From there he and the professor started discussing comic book villians in the most endearingly earnest way.  Awww…Dr. Faulk, it’s almost hard to be mad that you assigned us Bleak House

But, today wasn’t a Superhero Film Fest.  It was a party complete with games to test your super powers.  I have good memory skills, decent strength, but I’m totally crap at seeing through solid objects.  There were more games, but I didn’t want to be too competitive since some of the other people playing were, like, six.  I though it might be immature to challenge a first grader to arm wrestle or to a foot race.  Instead, I chatted with Jessica and Jill (seen below being awesome) and watched kids pose in a miniature city scape.  For a party celebrating “heroes,” most of them had their picture made holding buildings above their heads, which I think would terrify a lot of innocent people living and working in those high rises.  The whole setup was very clever and fun, and the kids I saw were all having a blast.  Congrats to Jessica, Jill, Randi, Shannon, Wendy, and Erin (who manned the strength game and totally slipped me some candy sticks) on a job well done! 

Here are a couple of pictures:



Left to Right: Jessica being stealthy, me, and Jill giving a most ferocious growl.  It is a shame that pictures cannot convey Jessica’s raspy Batman voice (What’s up with that, Christopher Nolan?).  Plus, Jill’s gloves made noises or spit out a catchphrase when she hit stuff.


 Again: Jessica, me (going for heroic and…coming up short, clearly), Jill

I want to say a quick thanks to my friend Julie’s dad for lending me a tie.  I’m not sure I figured out how to use it to its best advantage, but it gave the outfit a certain “undone” quality.