My best friend, Christi, is in town for a few weeks, and she was really excited to go to the state fair.  I figured now was as good a time as any for my annual funnel cake, plus we knew some people in the Celebrity Cow Chip Throwing Contest.  Since they were going to stand in a ring and throw poo, we felt it was only right that we show up and support them while being thrilled that we didn’t have to participate.  In the end, the ladies were well represented as Shannon took home two plaques appropriately decorated with straw and plastic poop.  Nice!


We left the rodeo after the final toss since it turns out Christi is allergic to rodeo and couldn’t stop sneezing.  Just as well, there was plenty of fried food to be had.  Before the night was over, we’d eaten corn dogs, funnel cake, and a fried Oreo.  Also?  Bacon dipped in chocolate.