For reasons that we’ll get to in a minute, I decided to attend an improv class at The Public Theatre done by Josh and Matt, two of the guys from ImprovLittle Rock.  I called Friday morning to see if I needed to sign up in advance and spoke with Josh, who nicely told me I could just show up and gave me directions.  So, I didn’t need to give him my name in advance, although he did point out that “If you tell me your name, then, we’ll know who you are when you get here.”  True enough.  Anything else I needed to know? 

“That’s it.  Just show up at three.  Come dressed…in clothes, and yeah…”

I had assumed that was a given and wasn’t sure what to make of the fact that he specifically pointed it out.  From the way he said it, I don’t think he was expecting that to come out the way it had either.  Still…what?  Was the class starting now?  Was this a pop quiz to see how well I could roll with the punches? 

“So, don’t come naked?” I asked.  He laughed and confirmed.  I was starting to suspect he might be kind of awesome.