Welcome to the Presidential Debate!


We’re blessed to be a role-model for the world, and to live in a land where freedom of speech, thought and action blah-blah-blah.



So we’re waiting with bated breath to live-blog from Hillcrest during the soon-upcoming McCain / Obama debate from Ole Miss on our hosts’ giant flat-screen Sony.



Get that symbolism? A flaccid old white guy? A virile young black guy? Ole Miss? America 2008? Get that?


And the black guy is smarter, better informed, better educated, to lead the country?



So this will be fun.


The wi-fi hookup is secure, the laptop’s set-up in the den and ready to go for anybody here to comment . . . plus the great big wide world, including YOU!


(Guests here in Hillcrest must comment under NormaBates to live-blog-post immediately, so I’ve asked them to I-D themselves with first names in UPPER-CASE, or a nick, because I am [Legal Disclaimer] in no way responsible for what comes out of their mouths. Nor mine. Nor is the Arkansas Times responsible. “Nor anybody, anywhere, anytime throughout the known or unknown universe throughout all time, past, present or future.”)


Think I’m joking? That’s boilerplate from an actual contract.


Draw blood, Bloggers. Shred it. But remember: this is a family venue.



The Bates family.



P.S. Oops. This may be an omen for how the evening’s gonna go. One wag here in Hillcrest, a diverse community, a diverse gathering this evening, just said: “Ole Miss is what they call John McCain in Washington. That’s why he didn’t want to go. You know that.”


Dive in! The Debates are airing shortly!