I’m guesting at the home of my dear friends, Ryan and Iris Snavely, who’ve restored a magnificent historic place in Lafayette Square. Some of the 40 invited guests have already arrived excitedly for 7 p.m. drinks and finger food to watch the Biden-Palin debate on several big-screens throughout the Snavely’s St. Louis manse.




“And some other friends may arrive once the debates are over,” Iris mentioned cryptically.



(Since Ryan’s wealth comes from owning an enormous biotech research company, and the Snavelys are Democrats, I can only HOPE who might arrive later!)


Delightfully, though, the Snavelys have invited YOU to join!



Pre-debate excitement is palpable!


“Is it just me, or is this the way the Romans in the Colosseum felt just before the Christians were thrown to the lions?” I just overheard one wag laugh.


Despite that remark, the pre-spin here seems to be that everybody wants Biden to “slaughter” Palin onstage, but that Palin will win because she’s “diabolically good at reading teleprompters and saying nothing and that’s all America wants.”



I am set up for live-blogging with my laptop in a corner of the library. There is a great deal of curiosity about the A-T blog, and will guests here be able to comment?


Yes. But since they’re not registered or approved for instant posting on the blog, they will have to post under my name. I’ve asked that they choose a name or nickname in UPPER CASE to distinguish their comments from mine.


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Sharpen your knives, bloggers, because this is a family venue.


The Bates family.