by Madelyne Rogers



(AP) – Giddy from her perceived success in St. Louis, Sarah Palin looks forward to Halloween.



“It’s such a family time in our household. Y’know, it was originally Hallowed Eve. Or All Hallows Eve or something. You prayed to Jesus and God and all the saints to protect you from evil spirits and non-believers.”


Asked about children dressing up as monsters and demons, Palin turned pensive. “Y’know, when you’re a child you want power and control over things. And that includes your fear of bad people and monsters and non-believers. So by dressing up like that you dispel your fears and get control over the bad things.


“Like Eisenhower said, and he was a Republican and a General who won the war for us and John McCain knows how to win wars, like Ike said, ‘The only thing we have is fear itself.’


“But when you’re a grown-up like I am, you’re in control and don’t have those childish fears anymore. All Hallows Eve is a time to express the adult inner you in a fun way. A positive way.”


So who is Sarah Palin going as, on Halloween?


“Todd and I will be trick-or-treating with the kids up there in Wasilla. Y’know, one of the fun traditions in our family is keeping our costumes secret till the last minute. But I want to be an open book for the American People. I love people and I love Americans and I love our American children. Upon which are the backbones of tomorrow upon which we stand. So lemme level with ya!”


Reportedly, a member of Palin’s own staff leaked a photo of her Halloween costume try-on to the media earlier today. She hastily staged this exclusive press conference from her undisclosed post-debate location, “to put all those silly rumors about me to rest. Y’know.”


“When McCain picked me, somebody called me ‘Sarah, Good Witch of the North.’ Y’know. From the Wizard of Oz. Because I’ve done wonders up there in Alaska and everything. And believe me, if I could wave a magic wand and solve all the problems the obstructionist Democrats and Barack Obama and the liberal activist judges and the elites have caused our great country, I would. And that’s what I intend to do in the McCain-Palin regime.”


Did Palin mean to say, “administration?”


“You betcha! ‘Administration.’ Right. So I’ll be going as Glenda. The good witch of the north who, y’know, saved everybody.”


I just report ’em.

So WHAT, A-T bloggers, are you going as on Halloween to extort goodies from your neighborhood with threat of goblinesque violence and aren’t you a little old for this shizz?