I know you’re reading this because we’ve talked about it in dim quarters over libations.

The consensus at your wake at the Afterthought tonight was, “Best wake ever!”


Everybody who was ever anybody in Arkansas was there, including Max! 300 people in a room whose legal capacity is 99. Massive spillage into the Vieux Carre.

Hysterically loving eulogies. Farkleberry Follies alums serenading you.


Josh and Suzy and Laura and Dawn and staff raking it in hand over fist, Leroy!


Nobody wanted to leave. But after four hours it started thinning and  . . .

. . . somebody in back slurred, “This is GREAT! He oughta do this more OFTEN!


Leroy, honey, when they want you to keep dying and coming back and dying and coming back and having these great wakes and violating fire codes by overcrowding the Afterthought . . . you’re pretty much immortal.


As I left for Ciao Baci I heard somebody say, “I’ve seen more people tonight I haven’t seen in years . . . and met more people I wish I’d KNOWN for years . . . we oughta do this every YEAR! Have a ‘Leroy-mas’ at the Afterthought.”