How huge, Razorbabies? I’m not sure even Episcopalians yet realize the enormous long-range impact of their church’s ground-breaking vote (72% FOR) to end their moratorium and once more ordain same-sex priests and begin blessing same-sex marriages (in churches that wish to).



I’m pretty sure nobody else yet realizes how massive this moment is. Except, of course, me.



Here’s why everybody else soon WILL.




Sure, the Episcopal Church is relatively small in America. It is not the Catholic, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist or Mormon Church, et al.



It’s little David to their collective Goliath.


The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette had the story on today’s front page, as did  newspapers around the country. You could practically hear Waffle House breakfasteers hurling their hashbrowns from sea to shining sea.


With this one stone shot from its sling, the Episcopal Church leaps ahead of EVERY mainstream American religion and exposes all the others’ hateful bigotry toward full civil equality — for all to see.


THIS, more than any single mainstream religious position statement on same-sex equality in contemporary American history, marks a HUGE turning point in the battle against theocracy.



Other Protestant churches will now follow (not Catholics: they’re beyond hope on this), but Episcopalians were first, bravest . . . and if you believe in these things . . . the most truly “Christian” of them all.


Thank your Episcopalian friends loudly and often from now on.


This, not religious bigotry and theocratic warfare, is what the Land of the Free is about.



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