You’ve gotta wonder how a gay man from Massachusetts – Barney Frank –widely considered one of the most powerful members of Congress for 27 years, Chair of the House Financial Services Committee which oversees America’s entire financial services industry including securities, insurance, banking and housing industries and stuff – a portly JEWISH gay Congressman (MOST upsetting in some quarters, Rapturous in others) – sets the template for handling right-wing retards at his Town Hall meetings.


HERE is how.





Yes, there is an Arc, Massachusetts. Google it. The Association of Retarded Citizens (since 1953) has nothing to do with “retards.” Don’t even START getting hinky about the word, retards.


In contemporary usage, “retard” doesn’t mean genetically developmentally-challenged individuals like Trig Palin. “Retard” is vernacular for WILLFUL ignorance and general stupidity as exhibited by Teabagging sheep in Town Hall meetings and by blogging trolls.


Saint Frank of Arc isn’t having any and lets his Town Hall retards know it.


Though we’re pretty sure the Catholic Church has yet to canonize a gay Jewish saint, outspoken St. Barney is worshipped by millions.


(We know the feeling.)


There is a groundswell of support for Frank of Arc and I’m proud to have ordered one of the first lapel pins, depicting a livid Frank in High Belligerence and the slogan, “Don’t Fuck With Frank!” (available in choice of colorways).


Particularly after THIS.