A bizzy buzzy whiplash whirlwind week in The Rock, Razorbabies!


Parties, clubbing, live music, Sticky’s, Whitewater, weddings and receptions at Next Level, Jam Night and Ramona at the Afterthought, In Demand at Jazzy’s, fall frocks UPSing to Chenal from my recent Manhattan shopping jaunt . . . a shame the LGBTs have ruined Sunday with their inclement immoral gay weather (thanks for the heavenly tip, Rev. Falwell) but at least it’s not a gay hurricane or tornado or earthquake this time.



So I’m confined to my library where I’ve started Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” on Stanza on my iPhone, growing more philosophical and melancholy with each chapter, till finally, logically, I come to ponder our politicians and representatives.



Is THAT a segué for your ass, Razorbabies? Frankenstein to Functionaries?




What is the POINT of elected Razorbaby Representatives in The Rock or DC?


  1. To LEAD Arkansas – by their intelligence, education, commitment, investment and compassion – OUT of Last Place in Nearly Everything except obesity, divorce, education, health, bigotry, good-ol’-boy corruption and tacky fashion and grooming decisions?


(I, as one woman, albeit multi-lingual, educated stateside and abroad, globally-trotted and inherently fabulous, can only do so much.)


  1. Or are our Razorbaby Representatives elected to suck and sock away as much as they can, as long as they can, from special interest lobbyists to preserve Arkansas’ bottom-of-the-barrel do-nothing form-another-study-committee comfort zone by pandering to, uh . . . obesity, divorce, education, health, bigotry, good-ol’-boy corruption, tawdry fashion / grooming decisions and our perennial image as “Red Carpet” Rubes no matter the occasion?


Re-election (preserving the status quo), instead of Leadership (improving the status quo), seems today’s targeted political skillset.


They’re all nice people, our Representatives. I’m all country-club-cocktail-clinky with them. Some more clinky than others.



But name ‘em. Name the biggies. First names that come to mind.


ANY of ‘em Leaders? Appealing to our better standards? Lifting Arkansas out of its historic rank? ANY of ‘em showing us the way – as opposed to polls and lobbyists showing THEM the way?


Uh . . . uh-uh.


Really, what’s the point?


When even our elected “leaders” (in Arkansas and around the country) are owned by corporate conglomerate lobbyists? America’s political and international climate looks bleak.


“We ALL niggaz NOW!” as a dear black girlfriend once blurted out on line in front of 50 sullenly waiting customers at the Sunset and Vine B of A, god love her.


That’s the point.


EVERYBODY’s owned now.



Or maybe it’s just temporary. Today’s bitchy uppity inclement LGBT weather.


Maybe tomorrow it’ll be sunny again. America will rise from 37th in global health care (with universal insurance, equal civil rights for ALL Americans) and President Obama will help restore the United States’ position as Leader of the Free World.




But I’ve gotta tell you: you learn in Psych 101 that when words don’t match actions you’re dealing with a liar. Actions do indeed speak louder than words.


Gets harder, every fund-raiser, to clink cocktails and look our Razorbaby Reps in the eye with my hopefully disguised excruciatingly charismatic contempt.