We get it, Blinc, my darling. And no doubt Doctor (Dinc, to intimates on the circuit) loves the new you.



But too much has been leaked too fast after too long, about you, and this reads too little, too late, too de$perate. (We know your coffers are bulging but we didn’t envision this.)



It works, in a sort of Bob-Mackie-meets-Julie-Andrews-in-a-Galaxy-Far-Far-Away way. Especially the stage makeup and lightened do.


Still, Blinc, I would personally sue my political consulting team for refunds of taxpayer monies on this ill-advised ploy. It ranks up there with Sarah Palin naming all her men after Tonka Toys.



Yet there IS one way out and you can thank ME for it.


Claim you’re dyslexic and thought Halloween fell on October 13th.