I not only can’t stop the music, I can’t swallow this homoerotic Republican two-step.

Blanching With the Stars” is bad enough, but wrapping my mind around the “ageless” butchness that is Mike Huckabee’s campaign-trail buttboy – Chuck Norris – well, I had to call MEMS and check into Bridgeway. Because . . .




Wasn’t this supposed to be “butch” in the 70s? The faded denim? The stare? The unbuttoned shirt? The cap pistols? The basket? (No straight woman would’ve fallen for this look for five seconds, it’s so insecure.)


Just asking, ‘cause I came along a little later – when “YMCA” was just an innocent disco hit and not code for a gay orgy of horny young Christian men got up in cowboys-and-indians drag hooking up in cheap hostels around the country.


Conflating Village People masculine iconography with Presidential elections rubs me the wrong way, so to speak.



Yet, there’s THIS.



A failed southern Baptist minister / governor presidential candidate making goo-goo eyes with a forgotten former B-movie action “star” duoing “Love Me Tender?”


You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, Razorbabies.



Janet? You and the kids up for an ex-gay intervention?