“At last, the contest

Razorbabies die to win


Each Fall – hoarding nuts.”


Contest’s OVER!

Capture Mike Huckabee in your own award-winning Huckabee Haiku!


Somewhere below is the Winner, Razorbabies!


The winner with the WOWiest Huckabee Haiku – adjudicated by the Arkansas Times’ crack Staff (plus an actual Judge!) – takes home the cherished “Norma Bates Plaque of Excellence” or whatever.



A-T Blogger CammackLife won the priceless rare-wood and brass plaque heirloom (personally signed by me) for last year’s “Caption This” contest – the only human being on the planet so honored!


Will it be YOU in 2009? Entries are closed!

“Huckabee Haiku” rules are simple. (If you don’t know how to create a Haiku, go here.) 


Enter as often as you like! Tell your friends around the country! They can register on the blog for free, contribute their Haikus and vote too (early and often)!


Contest’s OVER!



The A-T staff – plus actual Judge – will select the Top 5 haikus.


Then YOU, Razorbabies, will vote the Winner in early December!

I (left – candidly captured by Jason Masters on my way into Wal-Mart) will award your prize!


Yes, I personally contacted Mike (very very dear, very very old friend and former Baptist minister) to ask if he was down with the “Huckabee Haiku” contest.


He chortled.


“Sure! I just hope they don’t crucify me or whatever.”


That’s your cue, Razorbabies.


May the best Huckabee Haiku win!