Glad the Jury’s not ME!

Scan the amusing / amazing “Huckabee Haikus” in the previous thread and TRY to pick just five finalists!


Can’t be done, they’re all so good! (Remember, Razorbabies: silicone didn’t count in THIS one.)

Yet SOMEBODY must render judgment and here’s your jury.


Will cammacklife return amongst the finalists and fight to retain her crown from last year?

Will a NEWBIE steal voters’ hearts and win 2009’s coveted trophy?


Will Huckabee himself bestow the winning Haiku trophy on his TV show?

Enquiring Razorbabies anxiously await our jury’s verdict!

When they know, YOU’LL know — and can vote for your favorites, anonymously, again and again — like Chicago.

Till then, ALL your entries were fabulous and God Bless!