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AP Little Rock, Ar. – Judge Ellen and Max Brantley accept the Norma Bates Authentic Heirloom Collectors’ Edition Plaque of Excellence Award on behalf of “Huckabee Haiku” Winner Hugh Mann from Norma Bates Wednesday at the award luncheon at Bates’ home.




“I regret I’m unable to accept this award in person from Ms. Bates and the readers of the Arkansas Times Blog but I will cherish it always,” Mann said today through Arkansas Times editor Brantley. “Thank you Norma and all you Bloggers, and you, my old friend Max, for being the one to personally pass this honor to me. Truly a special moment in my life of some kind.”






Yes, Razorbabies . . . decorating for Christmas . . . hosting awards luncheons at home . . . welcoming very very old, very very dear friends throughout the holidays . . . giving rather than receiving . . . it’s all about the love.




I promised myself I wouldn’t but I can’t help it. If you don’t know the Brantleys you don’t know their wonderful sense of humor.



As I hugged Max goodbye he whispered, “How come every time we leave here I feel like we’ve forgotten something valuable we’ll never see again?”


Laughter is so important, Razorbabies, IMHO.


Congratulations you, Hugh.