The Chinese New Year begins on February 14 – Year of the Tiger / Fixed Element Wood. (I shit you not.)




Sadly, 2010 also contains the Element Metal – thus it’s a “White Tiger” year with potentials to become ferocious and cruel. It symbolizes power and authority: good for leadership but inflexible and destructive, tending toward lousy interpersonal relationships, especially with family members and closest friends.



Can’t you just feel it already even though you’re not Chinese?


Frankly, your only hope in the Year of the White Tiger is to become a powerful authority figure or wear red. Lots of red. If it’s not your color, then red underwear. It’ll bring luck, loyalty, success and happiness.




But wait! There’s more!


2010 is a Three Year and absolutely NOTHING stays still or reliable for long.


Volatile jobs, relationships, money, health, people and situations at a distance, relatives and siblings, neighbors and neighborhoods, cars (accidents, repairs, Razorbabies), appliances (repaired or replaced), credit cards and debts, income tax issues, minor or major legal vexations and papers – it’s just one damned thing after another and nerves are stressed, communications strained and you discover you’re STILL not too old to break out in zits.



The Devil’s in the Details. But so are the Blessings.


If you stay organized and on top of details and complete your To-Do List every day, you’ll come out way ahead.


But the tendency is to get overwhelmed with unexpected emergencies, god-awful paperwork demands, pile-ups from procrastination, fumbles through scattering your energies and distracted focus, promising more than you can realistically deliver . . . and seeking escape through drugs you thought you’d long ago overcome or turning all Born Again and blaming everything on Satan.


2010’s greatest danger? Impulsive speech and action. Intemperate, thoughtless words can wreck a lifelong relationship.


2010’s greatest opportunity? Break that private creative business venture you have in mind into its component parts and patiently NETWORK, organize, to make it happen, Razorbabies.


Whilst wearing red.



Happy Year of the Tiger!


Hear me roar.


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