Never one to call attention to myself, I’ve mentioned my national tour of a few years ago in “Split Ends: The Tammy Wynette Story” only once before, here.



Astonishingly, like a door that keeps revolving in a half-forgotten dream or the ripples from a pebble someone tosses in a stream, my one-woman theatrical triumph has washed ashore like a misty watercolor memory to reclaim my heart!


Late last year I was contacted by Melbourne’sThe Production Company” and legendary director Nancye Hayes about reprising my show in Australia – and from there throughout South America, Johannesburg, parts of India, and Japan.


Of course, Virginia Wynette Pugh’s rags-to-riches-to-ruin story plucks universal heartstrings, especially as showcased by me. From her earliest days at beauty school till her untimely death at 55, she always maintained her cosmetology license (“Just in case –”) and never forgot her roots.



My acclaimed New York concerts and my national reviews were an apex for me. In fact they led Nancye to invite me on this revival tour and I’m thrilled.



“Must be seen to be believed!” New York Times


“Appallingly sad!” – Cleveland Plain Dealer


“Lip-synching plumbs new depths in tragic Tammy’s trajectory!” – Christian Science Monitor



It looks like the money’s going to work out so, assuming it does, I want my Razorbabies to know that though I’ll be gone for awhile I know that I’ll be smilin’ with my babies by-and-by . . . and by . . . with my BABIES . . . by and by!