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Sleepy Saturday open line

Good day for a nap. Anyone awake out there?
IT Arkansas job board

Governor Sanders bites the hand that feeds her

The feds and blue state Dems are Arkansas's generous patrons, and Governor Sanders is an ungrateful welfare queen.

NLR breaks ground on Burns Park pickleball courts

Terry Hartwick, mayor of North Little Rock, claimed that “pickleball is important to all of us, not just senior citizens like myself,” though there was a fair share of gray-haired representation in the audience. Hartwick also playfully alluded to the tension between tennis players and “pickleball people”: They “say hello, but don’t really like playing side-by-side.”

It's 4 o'clock somewhere open line

Weekend plans, anyone? Sailing away to the other side of the world sounds nice.

Teachers, taxes, bathrooms and bullies: Week 3

Policy experts at For AR People followed happenings at the Capitol this week to bring you this quick, easy and not completely demoralizing update.

Charter schools and vouchers won't solve poverty, and poverty is the problem

"Why do we keep opening up more and more publicly funded schools where the affluent children congregate, with poor kids left behind?"

LRSD considers recruiting and retention measures, votes to work with company that recruits foreign teachers

This week marks the eighth anniversary of the state takeover of the Little Rock School District on Jan. 28, 2015.

Leaning into mass incarceration in Arkansas

Arkansas Republican leaders are poised to lock people up longer and build more prisons. 

Snakes I have known

On cottonmouths and copperheads.

Tension at the CALS Board of Directors meeting

The otherwise mostly procedural, but abnormally well-attended monthly Central Arkansas Library System Board of Directors meeting yesterday, took an interesting turn in its final minutes. Three impassioned community members were given the floor to advocate on behalf of the Galleries & Bookstore at Library Square, whose fate has been murky since the announcement in December that the space would be closed in late spring or early summer of this year to make room for the Main library's operations while the primary building undergoes extensive renovations.

After four years of sales growth, state marijuana leaders expect more growth despite challenges ahead

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Missouri and maybe Oklahoma raises concerns for Arkansas dispensaries.

Two Hot Spring County deputies arrested, charged with battering a former inmate

Two Hot Spring County Sheriff's deputies are facing charges after being accused of assaulting a person they'd just released from jail.

Sanders appoints family friend and former legislator David Haak to Highway Commission

Gov. Sarah Sanders has appointed former state Rep. David Haak of Texarkana to the Arkansas Highway Commission. Haak, who owns a business that makes labels for auto tires, is an old pal of Sanders' father, former Gov. Mike Huckabee. He replaces Robert Moore on the commission. Haak's term will run through Jan. 14, 2033.

Little Rock officials unveil first tourism master plan that proposes River Market revamp, hotel with water park, ‘iconic’ landmark

The master plan detailed the perception of Little Rock as it relates to crime, suggested ways to increase diversity and recommended tourism improvements. Throw in a hotel with a water park and play some DJ Khaled.

It's Thursday's open line

'Don't Say They': proposed bill addresses pronouns on college campuses

Conservative lawmakers are attempting, fruitlessly but feverishly, to codify the traditional gender binary with laws about who can use which bathrooms and who can use which pronouns.

Blue Hog Report exposes more problems with Prosecutor Bradford; more relatives in trouble

Blue Hog Report's Matt Campbell is focusing his legal and investigative skills on a  south Arkansas prosecutor who tried to protect her child-rapist uncle while she was a deputy prosecutor. As if that weren't bad enough, Blue Hog's investigation of 9th District West Prosecuting Attorney Jana Bradford also shows she accepted illegal campaign contributions.

Good Day Farm launches Mississippi operations as medical marijuana becomes legal

Little Rock-based Good Day Farm has a cultivation facility in Oxford, Mississippi, and will have six Good Day Farm-branded dispensaries across the state.

Democrats file bill to give Arkansas teachers a raise

Arkansas House and Senate Democrats have filed a bill that would raise Arkansas's pitiful starting salary for public school teachers and give all teachers a $10,000 raise.

Lawmakers hear first big education bill of the session (it's about policing trans kids in bathrooms)

A late amendment to a bill that would dictate where transgender public school students can use the bathroom delayed a vote Thursday. But lawmakers heard public testimony and asked questions about the legality and logistics. A committee vote is expected Tuesday.