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The Oyster Bar announces new hours and the return of the full menu

We are now opening our doors Wednesday-Saturday evenings at 5:00 pm and our regular menu will be back!

How serious is COVID-19? Football serious

COVID-19 takes out the Fayetteville-Bentonville West game

With your help, we will get through this

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Today's news roundup and open line: Will your vote count?

A suit to protect absentee ballots leads the roundup today.

Lawsuit filed to protect absentee ballots

A lawsuit was filed today to prevent mass purges of absentee ballots.

Coronavirus today: Emphasizing the positive for the day but a warning about winter

Coronavirus today: 617 new cases and 12 more deaths. The governor outlines a plan for winter.

Another topic for spin-and-grin: COVID in the schools

Another COVID-19 ranking, another high (bad) finish for Arkansas.

Rep. Dan Sullivan wants Arkansas colleges to identify courses that cover 'diversity' issues

Rep. Dan Sullivan wants colleges to talk about their diversity courses, including gender identity and racism, and somehow I don't thnk anything good will come of it.

Demonstrators arrested at Conway police department

Conway police arrest Black LIves Matter group for demonstrating in front of the police station.

A question for the governor's spin-and-grin today: Hospitalization rate

Is Arkansas providing an accurate picture of coronavirus hospitalization? The White House weekly report continues to raise a question.

The news roundup and open line: At least it's fall

Call your senator. Remind them of 2016. No vote on the Supreme Court until the people have spoken.

Writer calls Rep. Hill out on empty praise

A scholar on racism in Arkansas finds the congressman's praise of his scholarship hollow.

Coronavirus today: Been worse. Well, maybe not at LRSD's Southwest High School

Coronavirus today: 641 new cases and 16 more deaths.

As the casino turns in Pope County

One case is done in Pope County, but there are more to come. And a local state representative weighs in.
Arkansas Supreme Court

Not yet on new chief judge at Arkansas Court of Appeals

Brandon Harrison won't take over until January.

Progressive group re-emerges to preserve the people's voice in Arkansas

Progressive group re-emerges to beat a petition killing amendment. Tom Cotton is not pleases and issuing anti-Semitic dog whistles.

Fun with math in the race for state Senate, District 34

Senate District 34 candidates talked about tax cutting. The Republican didn't tell the whole story. Surprise!

Conway and Conway mayor to public: Get lost

Conway and its mayor don't intend to let citizens speak at City Council meetings. What are they afraid of? Democracy?

Coronavirus today: Arkansas is a country-leading hot spot, research says, but play ball!

A mere 563 new cases and eight deaths, but Arkansas is among the riskiest states for travel.

Another breathtaking example of staggering Republican hypocrisy: Tom Cotton edition


Look who's knocking state business with China: Asa Inc.

Asa Inc. at work trying to elect a Republican candidate by trashing Asa's outreach to China.