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This is 'pro-life'?

Women die when abortion is banned. Read about it.
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COVID and the open line

373 new cases and positive test rate in double digits.

More complaints about Republican gerrymander of new legislative districts

More complaints about excessive partisanship and racial discrimination in Republican plans to redraw legislative districts.

Hutchinson says Republican leader should have condemned Boebert's anti-Muslim remarks; dodges vaccination failure in Arkansas; blames inflation on Biden

He calls for more civility in discourse.

'The dismal history of big infrastructure'

Major infrastructure projects have been plagued by delays and cost overruns, the New York Times says. Duh, say victims of the big concrete ditch through Little Rock.

COVID and the open line

500 new cases on a Saturday.

Leadership failure in the time of COVID. There Rutledge goes again

Rutledge encourages vaccine resistance. Pro-life, it isn't.

Woo pig! An early open line

The Hogs are playing, the line is open and COVID claims a life in a state still divided over vaccinations.

COVID today: Get a shot

303 new cases today but no additional deaths.

New analysis: A detailed takedown of proposed legislative redistricting as partisan and racially discriminatory

It's the most detailed examination yet of the Republican-proposed redistricting and the criticism is sweeping.

Huckabees lose Florida lawsuit over beach closure as pandemic precaution

Huckabee claim for damage dismissed by federal judge.

The daily COVID report

An early release from the governor.

The Thanksgiving open line

The line is open.

UPDATE: Legislative reapportionment: The numbers don't lie. Republicans on the other hand ...

The legislative redistricting plan has been misrepresented by Republicans as more favorable to minorities. The ACLU brings the facts.

The Thanksgiving eve news roundup and open line

The news roundup and my annual advice -- don't stint on the marshmallows.

'Memoirs of a Miner': giving thanks for writers passed

Writer Mike Trimble died this month, at age 78. We're thankful for the belly laughs he left behind in the archives: "The Bryant hornets had beaten the Bauxite Miners, and before the season was over, so had just about everybody else. The center had not held, and I was the center." Huckledy-buck.

COVID today: 694 new cases and 16 more deaths

16 more deaths along with a rise in the number of seriously ill.

Thankful to share the bounty

An American holiday with a Myanmar twist.

Jury convicts three of murder of Ahmaud Arbery

Guiilty, guilty, guilty.