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More money to follow in Little Rock School Board races

The Arkansas Poll is out. Let's hope it's wrong

If you like Donald Trump you'll love living in Arkansas.

Modeling coronavirus: A near doubling of deaths by mid-December

In the two months between Oct. 19 and Dec. 15, forecasters predict, Arkansas's death from confirmed cases of COVID-19 could roughly equal all the deaths that occurred in the eight months previous.

Mike Beebe endorses Joyce Elliott

And Elliott isn't attacking any of the former governor's decisions, unlike her opponent.

Dark money from Wyoming funds an effort to keep coal-burning power plants operating in Arkansas

Wyoming finances coalition aimed at keeping Arkansas power plants burning coal.

Two more legislators join Capitol Covid cluster

A couple more. Is Asa’s strategy working or what.?

With your help, we will get through this

Our small newsroom has been working tirelessly to report on the latest coronavirus developments along with all the other news that matters. Please support us with a cash gift.

UAMS cancels elective surgeries after PPE destroyed

A burst hot water pipe in the Walker Tower ruined sterile supplies.

The virus spreads in Little Rock School District

The numbers mount in Little Rock and Southwest High won't have regular classes through Oct. 30.

Judge Griffen objects to state's effort to remove him from death penalty case

Wendell Griffen refuses to have a capital case reassigned from his court on account of a 2017 Arkansas Supreme Court order. Here we go againl

Know them by their money: Campaign finance reports show a clear choice in one Little Rock School Board race.

Few campaign reports are available so far for local offices on today's deadline, but I call attention to one School Board race where the choice is clear,.

Pediatric COVID-19: Yes it happens, and it happens here

As of Oct. 17, 134 children in Arkansas had been hospitalized with COVID-19, according to the Fay Boozman College of Public Health of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Today's news roundup and open line: The COVID situation is grim and the governor's response is a Revolutionary War quote

Damn the torpedoes. Or something like that. This COVID situation is not good.

What Justice Barrett will mean for the Supreme Court

Nothing good.

Coronavirus today: Governor invokes John Paul Jones

Coronavirus today: The governor said he's prepared to fight the rise in coronavirus, but not with any additional government actions.

Montana closes 46-year-old case of the death of abducted child by naming Arkansas man

A man who died in Arkansas in 2012 has been identified as the killer of a 5-year-old girl abducted in Montana in 1974.

Arkansas is a leader in hospitalization rate, a bad omen against the growth in COVID-19 cases

Arkansas is a leader in a bad category -- hopsitalization rate. And unless attitudes change, it's going to get worse.

Hope vs. hypocrisy. Joyce Elliott v. Asa Hutchinson and French Hill

What a contrast between hypocritical attack ads that people like the governor refuse to repudiate and Joyce Elliott's message of hope.

UPDATE: Conservative judicial activism is already at work and the new 6-3 Republican U.S. Supreme Court is scarier still

Are they preparing to intervene to give Donald Trump an election assist?

Cloverdale Middle School goes remote for the rest of the week because of infected students

Two students tested positive and many other students and staff are in quarantine.

Arkansas surgeon general's family is a COVID cluster

Surgeon General Gregory Bledsoe and five members of his family have tested positive for COVID-19.