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The line is open with good impeachment polling

Impeachment polling brightens a dreary Sunday. The line is open.

Accused felons' money reached Arkansas

Arkansas connection noted in the case of two Soviet-born U.S. citizens accused of funneling illegal foreign money into Trump and Repblican political campaigns.

The Republican vote suppression campaign continues

More bad news for democracy from Wisconsin, where a judge has ruled that nearly a quarter-million voters must be purged from rolls before the presidential election.

Little Rock police charge teen in death of his mother

Little Rock police have charged Kaelon Presley, 16, with first-degree murder and tampering with evidence in the fatal shooting Saturday morning of his mother, Shondra Miller, 37.

Here we go a-open-lining

The open line. Firing up the seasonal soundtrack.

Questions raised on public access to Hunter Biden paternity case documents

The Hunter Biden paternity case continues to provide political grist. Not much benefit for his putative child, but plenty for Donald Trump.

Is corporate welfare worth it? State study inconclusive

Do state money handouts really influence business decisions? Evidence is mixed and disputed.

State approves two more cannabis dispensaries

State oks two more marijuana outlets.

The One More SBEFU2LRSD Edition

Max Brantley and Lindsey Millar talk about the latest State Board of Education assault on the Little Rock School District, a new Razorback football coach and impeachment. 

Today's news: Impeachment and the shafting of the LR School District

Impeachment and a dictatorial state Board of Education top the news roundup today.

Democrats, teachers group criticize state Board of Education

The Arkansas Democratic Party issued a statement today criticizing the state Board of Education's continuing micromanagement of the Little Rock School District. The teachers union also has chimed in.

House committee approves impeachment articles

The House Judiciary Committee has on party line votes approved articles of impeachment against Donald Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

UA Little Rock Receives $62,000 Donation To Create Scholarship For Real Estate Majors

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has received a $62,000 donation from the Arkansas Real Estate Foundation to create an endowed scholarship fund for real estate students.

The sham trial plan for Donald Trump's impeachment

Sure. Why not a speedy sham trial for Donald Trump?

The historic 'Sugar Shack' on the Capitol grounds soon to be vacated

A committee of the Capitol Zoning District Commission learned Thursday night that the agency will be vacating its historic office on the Capitol grounds at 400 Battery Street to join other agencies in the Department of Heritage headquarters building. To me, it will always be the Sugar Shack.

Biden financial statements filed UPDATE

Financial records were filed under seal today in the Hunter Biden paternity case.

State Board again illustrates how little local control it intends to give Little Rock School District

The State Board of Education blew another razzberry at local control of the Little Rock School District today, delving into matters as small as the name of a school.

Supreme Court denies DNA test for Death Row inmate Stacey Johnson

The Arkansas Supreme Court voted 5-2 today against new DNA testing for Death Row inmate Stacey Johnson, facing death for the 1993 slaying of Carol Health in Sevier County.

Today's news: Court news, a victory for meatless burgers and impeachment

Today's news: Supreme Court winners and losers, impeachment and more.

Supreme Court breathes life into drive to refer eye surgery law to voters

The Arkansas Supreme Court today in a 4-3 decision opened the door to counting all signatures on petitions to refer to votes a new state law that gives optometrists the ability to do more surgical procedures.