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Hutchinson plea agreements filed; detail legislative influence peddling

The plea agreements entered by former Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson on a tax charge and a bribery charge are now on file. There's rich detail of his work to provide legislation helpful to an orthodontist and to his failure to report hundreds of thousands of income in 2011.

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Jeremy Hutchinson enters negotiated guilty pleas in two federal cases

Former Republican Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson entered negotiated guilty pleas to two federal felony cases in district court in Little Rock today.

Krispy Kreme closes and takes with it a piece of political history

The closure of Little Rock's Krispy Kreme isn't just the loss of a doughnut outlet, it erases a political landmark.

City Hall news: An urban deer hunt, demolition and who gets city business

A Little Rock deer hunt, a condemnation report, the value of park land and distribution of city business are covered in recent reports to the Little Rock Board of Directors.

Lion roundabout set for dedication

Workmen are finishing the installation of lion sculptures atop tons of stone in the middle of the roundabout on Fair Park Boulevard at the turn to the entrance of the Little Rock Zoo.

Highway boondoggles: A lesson for Arkansas

The Public Interest Research Group's latest list of $25 billion in "highway boondoggles," doesn't include the I-30 concrete gully in downtown Little Rock, but the problems cited with the list echo all the problems with the $1 billion dollar boondoggle planned in Little Rock (with only half that available for construction and not a cent put aside for the new congestion it will create elsewhere).

Judge Griffen asks Supreme Court to restore him to capital cases

Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen Monday petitioned the Arkansas Supreme Court to restore his ability to hear cases involving the death penalty.

Fighting to take Arkansas wet

The Guardian takes a look at the ongoing battle to open dry counties in Arkansas to retail alcohol sales, with a focus on Cleburne County.

UPDATE: New bribery charge and a change of two pleas for Jeremy Hutchinson

Former Sen. Jeremy Hutchinson will be in court Tuesday to change his plea in the pending Little Rock case alleging personal use of campaign money and cheating on income taxes.
Picture of Joe Biden onstage

Racial past, racial present

Congressional hearings regarding reparations for the descendants of enslaved Americans, a Supreme Court decision that emphatically reminds us of racism’s permeation of our criminal justice system and Joe Biden’s fond remembrance of his years of Senate service with segregationists all converged last week, which marked the 154th anniversary of Juneteenth.

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