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Live, laugh, lectern: Why Gov. Sanders might not worry much about that $19K podium

A history lesson on reimbursed charges to the state in 1997 suggests the governor may follow her dad's lead and weather #podiumgate unscathed.
IT Arkansas job board

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BFFs (Best Frenemies Forever)

Maybe the real treasure of the September 2023 extraordinary session was the friends we made along the way.

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Cost-saving solar project approved by Little Rock school board

Spending a small amount now to save a massive amount over decades to come is good governance and common sense.

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Photo of at-home covid test

Free mailout COVID tests are back starting Monday

Bad news: COVID-19 is having a little late-summer resurgence. Good news: You might not have to fork over the price of a steak dinner at Doe's for the pleasure of obtaining a 2-pack of COVID-19 tests at the pharmacy. Free tests are back, starting Monday, Sept. 25.

Don't rush appeal in transgender medical care case, ACLU and others argue

Opponents of Arkansas's never-enforced ban on gender-affirming medical care argued against skirting the normal appeal process.

Arkansans on Medicaid, food stamps qualify for discounted internet

In an increasingly digital world where kids no longer have snow days and instead are sent home to do schoolwork online, internet access is important for all.

Secrecy, gadflies and sausage: Winners and losers of the 2023 special session

The biscuit at 500 Grill: 1, Rep. David Ray: 0.

$10 million grant to support Arkansas electric grid upgrades

Federal funding from the Grid Enhancement Grant program will total $5.16 million in the first year and $5.14 million the second year. 

Just what does that $19,000 podium for the governor look like, anyway?

Has anyone seen it? Show us the lectern!

Attorney tasked to represent housing authority commissioners at hearing Tuesday

Following federal reports detailing troubling management practices, three housing authority commissioners will undergo a hearing on Tuesday to evaluate their positions.

Pulaski County hires former Conway mayor as public works director

Tab Townsell was the mayor of Conway from 1998 to 2016.

Two Beebe School Board members criticize new LGBTQ+ club

A couple of Beebe School Board members made an ugly fuss this week over a new club for LGBTQ+ students.

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Hezekiah Stewart, minister to Central Arkansas for decades, has died

The reverend's good deeds have helped sustain Arkansans in need since 1978.

Rise N' Shine Gummies: Elevate Your Day with THCV GOODness!

Asa’s chances for making the next GOP debate look bleak, NYT reports

Former Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson has to scrape together 3% support in at least two national polls and financial support from at least 50,000 donors to share the stage with his fellow Republican candidates next week. Can he do it?

GALACTIC EMPIRE STRIKES BACK at Spa-Con Season 7, September 22 - 24!

The Hot Springs pop culture, sci-fi and comic convention kicks off Friday.