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Today's news: As the UA turns

The news roundup in a cool first day of summer.

Coronavirus today: Another jump in number hospitalized

More in the hopsital; not many getting shots.

Bill Kincaid named acting UA chancellor as president mulls Steinmetz replacement. Bobbitt still silent on sudden exit.

The appointment is to last just a few weeks, president says.

Governor announces sharper state focus on outdoor recreation and expansion of outdoor areas

The governor announced a push to make Arkansas more attractive as a place for outdoor recreation.

Arkansas children suffer high rates of poverty and racial inequity, but we want tax cuts anyway

Arkansas isn't exactly leading the way in taking care of our children, and black and brown children suffer disproportionately.

Supreme Court reverses decision in securities case including Arkansas Teacher Retirement System

A setback for Arkansas retirement system claim in 10-year-old lawsuit.

Race develops for Court of Appeals seat

A Saline County judge joins the race.

Chris Jones' video gives him a running start for governor

The national reviews are strong for Chris Jones' entry into the race for governor. Unfortunately, the vote will be in Arkansas.

College athletes get a win at U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court opens door to some additional economic help for college athletes, if related to education.

COVID count and the open line

Hospitalization number continues to rise.

New Medicaid expansion too much like the old one, advocate says

The state still proposes to grind the poor to qualify for Medicaid help.

COVID count and vote suppression: Embarrassing questions for the governor today. Also, the open line

Bad news for Arkansas on the virus and vote suppression. The governor defended both situations on CNN today.

Steinmetz talks to Chronicle of Higher Education about his sudden departure

The suddenly gone former UA chancellor chose a leading higher education publication to explain his departure. He won't touch the swirling reports about a push from Internet photos.

Arkansas at the forefront of the Republican attack on local control and democracy

From city hall to the U.S. Capitol, Republicans are making to insure that they control elections and just about every other facet of government.

Little Rock police took hundreds into custody for marijuana possession in 2019, contradicting chief’s statements

Data shows city’s Black residents are arrested for low-level marijuana offenses at eight times the rate of whites.

UA releases formal Steinmetz resignation letter but says little else on reason for sudden exit

The UA release a bit more on chancellor's departure, but not much. Questions remain.

The Dems Get Strong Gov. Candidate Edition

On this week's podcast, Max Brantley and Lindsey Millar talk about the resignation of University of Arkansas Chancellor Joe Steinmetz, the candidacy of Chris Jones, running to be the Democratic nominee for the Arkansas governor's race; and the Little Rock sales tax election.

Today's news: UA remains mum on Steinmetz exit

COVID is bad, UA is silent. And other news on Juneteenth eve.

Coronavirus today: Still lagging on vaccinations and the number sick is increasing

We are in the danger zone on vaccinations.

Hey, Arkansas: Go with care and get out there!

Surely, most of us have seen or heard a public service campaign calling road users to Safely Share the Road, but what does that mean, really? Isn’t this common sense? It feels like it would be; most of us have been behind the wheel for at least a decade —shouldn’t we have the hang of it by now? Unfortunately, data shows that isn’t the case. A motor vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian every 85 minutes in 2019 — that is unacceptable.