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Today's news: The bridge and the virus

A bridge, a virus, vote suppression and crime on today's news roundup.

Coronavirus today: Big jump up today

The COVID count jumped sharply today.

Governors discuss I-40 bridge repair work in Memphis. Timeline remains elusive, but repairs likely to take months.

Resssurances but few specifics on a timeline marked today's briefing on the I-40 bridge.

Gilbert Baker federal bribery trial may take 15 days

Three-week trial in offing in bribery case.

Arkansas has fourth highest rate of violent crime in the nation

The Natural State remains at the bottom of the list for most things, but ranks near the top for violence. Too bad lawmakers were too busy hating on transgender children to do anything about it. Priorities.

Fraud in the payroll protection program -- fake farms

Payroll Protection Program fraud included bogus small farms.

With your help, we will get through this

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The 2021 Arkansas legislature's attack on the right to vote

The terrible legislative session did some of its worst damage in aiming to make it harder to vote.

Human Rights Campaign: Shame on the NCAA

A belated blast at the NCAA's empty defense of a minority group.

A newsy roundup today

Lots of news today, including acknowledgment of highway department failures in bridge inspection.

Coronavirus today: Small increase today

A slow start to the week in all categories.

UPDATE: Two found dead at North Little Rock apartments

Gunshots fatal.

Arithmetic needed by Republican Party when it talks about ending the income tax

Republican candidates are in dreamland when they talk about eliminating the income tax.

UPDATE: Employee fired for missing I-40 bridge problems in 2019 and 2020 inspections

Bridge inspector fired for missing I-40 fracture in 2019 and 2020. Timeline still unclear on repairs.

Free speech at the Arkansas legislature: A two-minute limit, then handcuffs

Arrested and handcuffed for speaking past a two-minute limit. Welcome to the Arkansas legislature as led by Rep. Jack Ladyman.

The workforce shortage: Has anybody thought to ask workers about it?

Stop shaming workers and look deeper at why people are reluctant to return to low-pay, bad-hour, poor-benefit jobs with crappy employers.

Five people, none on faculty, will lose jobs in Arkansas Tech restructuring

77 positions will be eliminated, but only five firings will be required.

Supreme Court to consider rollback of abortion rights

Mississippi law banning most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy will be reviewed.

Vaccinations and Trump voters. There appears to be a correlation.

It would appear Trump voters resist getting vaccinated.

Little Rock Zoo announces pregnant rhino

Rhino calf expected in November.

Republican field expands for lieutenant governor with Washington County judge

The Republican field for lieutenant governor grows in an inauspicious way.