Arkansas Business is reporting that Gov. Mike Huckabee tomorrow will tour the Guantanamo Bay detention facility in Cuba. Apparently the Defense Dept. wants Huckabee’s advice on how to run a prison.

GITMO, as it is commonly known, is where the U.S. government is holding suspected terrorists, Al Qaeda members and other prisoners under military, rather than civil, law.

Huckabee’s office said Thursday that officials with the U.S. Department of Defense invited the Huckabee and other governors “in attempt to better inform DOD policy makers in Cuba about the intricacies of state prison systems.” Huckabee will be joined by Larry Norris, Director of the Arkansas Department of Correction; Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney; Kathleen Dennehy, the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Correction; and Dora Schriro, director of Arizona’s Department of Corrections.

He is also scheduled to have lunch with Arkansas troops stationed there.


PS FROM MAX: This sounds like a subject for Bob Lancaster. Can somebody reach him on the Tucker Telephone?