If you don’t subscribe, here’s the Democrat-Gazette editorial today on the governor’s decision to remove us from the e-mail list by which media are notified of gubernatorial news conferences. This information is not provided on the governor’s website and that notice is necessary to any who hope to attend the governor’s press availabilities. (The governor notes that we won’t be barred from these gatherings — should we somehow find out about them without his help.)

The D-G gets it, including the mystifying judgment exhibited by the governor in punishing us by means of a ban that has given us national publicity. Its conclusion:

… But did you know, Governor, that in these technologically advanced times, you can actually create what’s called an e-mail address group ? That way, see, you don’t have to type in all the individual e-addresses one at a time. Nope. You just key ’em in once under the heading of, say, Arkansas Media, and… SEND.

But something tells us convenience and efficiency isn’t what this is about. This is about a little payback for a perennial critic. And as nice as Mike Huckabee can be when he calls to tell his side of the story, it doesn’t change one thing: He’s still being petty. If he’ll forgive us for offering a little absolutely free advice (the cheapest commodity in politics ), here’s what we’d tell him: Heck, Governor, you’re pretty much running for president of the United States now. You’re too big for this kind of thing. Cut it out. You’ll be glad you did.