You perhaps remember the famous cover story in The Onion, the satirical newspaper, at the inauguration of George W. Bush in 2001? “Our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity is over” How true the satire became.

So again today. This is from The Onion, still ….

Illegal Immigrants Returning To Mexico For American Jobs

May 3, 2006 | Issue 42•18

MEXICO CITY—As dozens of major American corporations continue to move their manufacturing operations to Mexico, waves of job-seeking Mexican immigrants to the United States have begun making the deadly journey back across the border in search of better-paying Mexican-based American jobs.

“I came to this country seeking the job I sought when I first left this country,” said Anuncio Reyes, 22, an undocumented worker who recrossed the U.S. border into Mexico last month, three years after leaving Mexico for the United States to work as an agricultural day laborer. “I spent everything I had to get back here. Yes, it was dangerous, and I miss my home. But as much as I love America, I have to go where the best American jobs are.”