Sorry, but neither the D-G, nor Morning News nor Stephens Media has anything to link yet on the joint appearance of the gubernatorial candidates yesterday before a press group. All we can do is say that abortion is the lead on AP version. (And the Democrat-Gazette article, which we’ve read on paper, focuses on the same scrap.) Hutchinson’s agin abortion, of course, and trying to make Beebe look like a baby-killer. But at the same time Asa is waffling, trying to make himself look oh-so-moderate by saying he wouldn’t mount a huge push for a South Dakota-style ban on abortion in Arkansas. Uh huh. But let Roe v. Wade get overturned and then watch him work. We still don’t think a majority of people want to make abortion illegal again. And so we think making statements that emphasize a candidate’s tilt in that direction isn’t sound politics. But we have been wrong many times.