Thanks  to the conservative Club for Growth, we are once again informed of critical words about the Republican governor. Though it happens that these words were  written close to home, in an editorial in the Leader in North Pulaski. It chidesGov. Huckabee for blackballing the Arkansas Times from routine press services, including notice of news conferences.

The Leader notes how some previous governors — Clinton and Faubus — dealt with unfriendly press, before concluding:


If it were Mike Huckabee’s private affairs or even his campaign news, his pettiness in disfavoring one news outlet would be only stupid churlishness. He risked only his dignity. But the business of the governor and his office are public matters, supported wholly by the taxpayers, and he cannot choose to favor those whom he divines to be friendly or even neutral or “objective.” That is not merely bad behavior, it’s against the law.

Huckabee would do himself and the people a favor if he reprised his good act on the Colbert Report the other night and told the Times tomorrow: “I was just spoofing. You’re back in the flow.”


Come home, governor. All is forgiven.

But meanwhile, never mind us. Go back to that Club for Growth link. They have been giving The Huckster a hiding for several days. Spoofing his support for a bill that would prohibit people from smoking in their own cars if children are on board; noting criticism of him in the Democrat-Gazette and by John Brummett; saying he “hates profits” for supporting legislation to discourage price gouging  — “You have to wonder, which industries are safe from Huckabee’s crusade to limit profits?”; detailing his support for a variety of tax increases.


This is no way to get invited to a Huckabee news conference, guys.