Maumelle’s embattled Academics Plus charter school will voluntarily call it quits if it can’t line up 286 students for the 2005-06 school year by July 1, Dean Elliott, chair of the school’s board of directors, told the state board of education this afternoon.

The board could have voted to revoke the school’s charter, but the school’s supporters have raised enough money to finish out this school year, and Elliott said with 286 students, each drawing state support, the school could operate in the black next year. Its three-year charter would come up for regular renewal in the spring of 2007.

The school has 172 students now, and about 190 have signed up for next year, but Elliott said they’ve been getting more inquiries now that they’ve got enough money to keep the doors open through the end of the school year, and he’s optimistic they’ll be able to sign another 96 students by the deadline.