Seymour Butts writes from Hempwallace with a report in the Sentinel-Record in Hot Springs. (It’s behind the Hussman subscriber wall so we can’t link, but here’s enough to give you the idea):

A so-called “senior prank ” involving tea in the teacher’s lounge landed four students in hot water at Lakeside High School last week.


According to Hot Springs police, the four students conspired to put laxative in the tea last Wednesday which reportedly affected at least two teachers before the prank was discovered.

Two of the students, Harry Lee Keek, 18, of 102 Catalpe St., and Bradley William Parham, 18, of Pearcy, were cited shortly after 12:30p.m. Thursday for insult or abuse to a teacher, an unclassified misdemeanor.


UPDATE: The laxative caper has made the big website Smoking Gun. Of course they bought the stuff at Wal-Mart.