Republican candidates clearly think abortion is hot again. Now it’s Doug Matayo, following Asa, pounding the drum. He’d sign an abortion ban if he were governor. Fortunately, we need not worry about that eventuality.

A word about this. Stephens Media uses word “moderate” to describe Matayo’s position vis a vis the total ban passed in South Dakota. Matayo would allow the expedient exception for rape and incest. Make no mistake, such a law would be a ban on abortion in Arkansas. No provider would exist to meet that need alone. Furthermore, it would condemn Arkansas to a place where the people with money could still obtain abortions elsewhere and the poor could not.


UPDATE — Double-barrel day for Matayo, who announces an NRA endorsement. Can we gather at the school flagpole now for a prayer that flag burners will be sentenced to die, wetbacks first, of course?