Pulaski County election officials yesterday took a touch-screen voting machine out of operation at the Laman Library precinct in North Little Rock because some voters complained it was registering the wrong selections.

In the course of running some tests on the machine, the officials discovered an interesting quirk. According to Susan Inman, the county elections director, voters over six feet tall were more likely to have miscast votes on the touch-screen machines.

A representative of Election Systems and Software (ES&S), the machine’s manufacturer, told Inman that the company is aware that the problem exists.

“We identified it ourselves, and it was confirmed by someone at ES&S,” Inman said.


Inman is still waiting for ES&S to fix the machine.

“ES&S has not made contact with us to check out the unit,” she said. “They were supposed to have sent someone today, but to my knowledge that has not happened.”