Add another organization to the Republican network working to elect Asa Hutchinson this year. It’s the Coalition for Arkansas Future, a so-called 527 group that describes itself as a “grassroots” group working on conservative issues and to elect conservative candidates. It’s interesting that they’d say “elect” conservative candidates. Because, as the website also notes, 527s can accept unlimited contributions (non-tax-deductible), but they may not engage in express advocacy for candidates. They may only educate voters on issues, so to speak.

As a practical matter,  you know the drill with such organizations — and they flourish on both left and right. While they may never say Vote NO on John Kerry. Or Vote FOR George Bush, they may say,” John Kerry is a blithering liar” and “George Bush is the Second Coming of Christ.” Republican operatives head this particular group. Positions on such things as health care, education, taxes, immigration and payday lenders aren’t fully developed on the website yet. But darned if what’s there doesn’t sound a lot like what Asa! has been saying.

Anyway, another player takes the field. And they even provide a link to the Arkansas Times.