The Pulaski County Election Commission has finally finished counting Tuesday’s votes. Main news: Ed Garner apparently has eked out a victory over Doug Ladner in the Republican primary for House District 41, 664 to 655. The vote won’t be certified until Friday, the final day for counting ballots mailed from overseas. But the commission says only three overseas ballots are outstanding, not enough to change the outcome. There is no Democrat in this race. Tomorrow, the commission will set runoff elections in the county — statewide for the Democratic lt. gov., attorney general and treasurer races, a Republican state rep. race in WLR, a Dem JP race and a Dem constable race.

UPDATE: The House race is more complicated then first described. This note from County Clerk Pat O’Bren:


There are two provisional ballots that have not been counted [these are Democratic ballots, however and won’t figure in the tight race], there are three OVERSEAS ballots that have not been counted, AND there are seven MILITARY
(regardless of where they live) ballots that have not been counted.  Both Garner and Ladner are now aware of this as is Clint Reed.  I advised all of  them to seek legal counsel because of the complicated nature of election law in this area.