The Des Moines Register passed up The Huckster’s misleading comments on gay foster parents yesterday to focus on his take on North Korea’s missile launches. The Huckster has a line for every occasion and speaks like an expert on rocketry.

“They are doing some saber-rattling, but their swords are very dull and very rusty,” Huckabee, a Republican weighing a presidential campaign, said about the rogue communist nation as he began a three-day swing through Iowa.

Having returned from a trip to South Korea and Japan just days before the test, Huckabee said North Korea’s missile technology is so crude that South Koreans are less concerned than Americans about the developments.

“They don’t really have the weaponry that’s advanced enough to have people ducking and covering just yet,” he said in an interview. “But this clearly can’t be another situation where the U.S. goes it alone.”