The state Education Department has asked the state Supreme Court for an expedited appeal of a judge’s order blocking closure of the Paron High School next school year.

The state says the circuit judge didn’t properly consider the interests of the Bryant School District, saddled with the expensive burden of absorbing the tiny Paron district. It also says there’s nothing in the Lake View ruling on school adequacy that says that education must be delivered at a place preferred by a handful of parents. It also notes the court has previously upheld two-hour bus rides necessitated by previous consolidations.


Law or no law, keeping Paron open is a losing cause if quality education is the desired goal. But if your goal is convenience or avoiding certain sorts of people or playing politics, as A$a! is doing, then keeping Paron open is for you.

Also: If Paron is to be “blamed” on anyone, it should be Gov. Mike Huckabee, not Mike Beebe, as A$a! is trying to do. Consolidation of Paron is a direct result of Mike Huckabee’s admirable decision to push for efficient and sufficient schools, through consolidation of small ones where necessary. He appointed every member of the state Board of Education that has vigorously enforced this policy. The governor and his board are to be commended wholeheartedly. Or blamed, if that’s your posion.


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