Former Sen. Bill Walker makes it official today that he’s running for Little Rock mayor. He joins Jesse Mason, Mark Stodola (oops, forgot him originally) and City Director Barbara Graves as declared major candidates.

Walker’s news release says crime reduction will top his agenda.


He believes safer communities within our city are essential to our continued growth and development. We should not allow the acts of of a few to cause our citizens to feel unsafe. ‘We have to become smart on crime, not just tough on crime.’ It is time to respond effectively to our crime problems and to be smart in reducing the crime rate of our city.

Walker, who serves by Huckabee appointment in a paid job on the state parole board, says he’ll talk about “crime and the prison recidivism rate; quality of life issues; making the city more attractive for business growth and development’; and access to better jobs, workforce training and job creation.”


He said he’ll have a public announcement in August.