Gov. Mike Huckabee yesterday issued a press release to tout his tax policies and offer advice to congressional leaders.

He said both Democrats and Republicans have been misguided by splitting their support for raising the federal minimum wage and repealing the estate tax. Huckabee says he supports both efforts, and that his record as governor is a testament to the effectiveness of his strategies.

While most Democrats in the Senate support a federal minimum-wage hike and oppose the death tax cuts, and while most Republicans are taking the opposite stand, Huckabee said the Senate should support both issues.

“Americans do not deserve for their estates to be bogged down in taxes, and our nation’s working poor deserve a raise,”  he added. …


“These common-sense approaches to tax reform have been successful in Arkansas and other states, and now is the time to implement these proactive and progressive ideas on the national level,” Huckabee said.  “Congress needs to pass tax relief for all wage earners, not just the wealthiest Americans.”

The Club for Growth — the conservative anti-tax group that has been a constant Huckabee critic — should find this interesting.

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