As expected, A$a! announced his endorsement by the National Rifle Association. News release on the jump.

Wildlife watch out. Mike! is going to be coming at ya, both barrels blazing.

And we promote from earlier comments this from independent candidate Rod Bryan:

Rod Bryan stood directly in front of ASA and the lecturn at Don’s Weaponry today. As soon as ASA finished speaking, Rod’s hand shot up and ASA had to be told to take the question or comment. With checkbook in hand, Rod offered to be the first in line to sponsor the debate in Jonesboro, of which he has been excluded. Rod Bryan wondered to whom the check should be written. ASA dodged the question, of course, and said the press conference was only about the 2nd amendment… apparently the 1st amendment is simply a bother to the republican candidate.

I wonder if the Dem-Gaz will write about this event as it happened? I’m positive that Channel 4 got it on tape.