It took some doing, but John Brummett got Gov. Huckabee to say he supports  Jim Holt for lieutenant governor.

It is more an anti-endorsement of Bill Halter. Huckabee faults Halter for, among other things, failing to say he endorses the constitutional amendment by which Arkansas banned same-sex marriage and civil unions. (Huckabee said up in New Hampshire the other day that, in more tolerant New Hampshire, he’s open on civil unions, which are illegal in more Arkansas.) He also faulted Halter for being out of touch with Arkansas value on gambling for supporting a state lottery. We don’t like a lottery either. But, if prevailing values are the issue: every poll ever taken shows a majority of Arkansans would support a state lottery for education, which Halter proposes. But Arkies have consistently opposed casino gambling. Huckabee opened the door to casino-style gambling in Arkansas when he quickly waved into law the bill by which Oaklawn and Southland are about to install thousands of video poker, blackjack and slot-type machines in their betting parlors.