Here’s Survey USA on the race for lt. gov. — Halter, 48; Holt, 39; undecided, 12.

The margins are wider in races for other constitutional officers, as well as that for governor, mentioned earlier.

Mark Raines, news director at KTHV, says the link we supplied this morning was for an earlier KTHV poll. The numbers are slightly different for the installment to be announced tonight at 10 — 50 Halter, 41 Holt and 8 undecided.. They’ll have secretary of state numbers at 5 today and attorney general at 6, both with big leads for the Dems, just as Mike Beebe enjoyed in the governor’s race.

And this appears to be a correct link to the internal numbers on the polling.In answer to a reader question, the party identification breakdown is 42 D, 28 R and 26 I. From that link:


Democrats Sweep Arkansas State Offices: In a general election in Arkansas today, 8/30/06, Democrats win in contests for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and Attorney General, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for KTHV-TV Little Rock. The election is on 11/7/06. For Governor, Democrat Mike Beebe beats Republican Asa Hutchinson, 55% to 38%. Since an identical SurveyUSA KTHV-TV poll 6 weeks ago, Beebe has gained 7 points and Hutchinson is unchanged. Beebe’s lead has increased from 10 to 17 points. Incumbent Republican Governor Mike Huckabee is term-limited. For Lieutenant Governor, Democrat Bill Halter beats Republican Jim Holt, 50% to 41%. 6 weeks ago, Halter led by 9; he still does. Incumbent Republican Lieutenant Governor Win Rockefeller, who was not running for re-election, died 7/16/06. For Secretary of State, incumbent Democrat Charlie Daniels beats Republican Jim Lagrone, 57% to 33%. 6 weeks ago, Daniels led by 23, now leads by 24. For Attorney General, Democrat Dustin McDaniel beats Republican Gunner DeLay 53% to 35%. 6 weeks ago, McDaniel led by 15, now leads by 18.