David Remnick has written an exhaustive, and friendly, piece in the current New Yorker about accompanying Bill Clinton on world travels, to Africa and elsewhere. It’s not available on-line, but an interview with Remnick is. For example:

On Clinton’s vigorous response to the ABC docufiction on 9/11:

The Clintons believe in fighting back, and fighting back quickly and effectively and forcefully. If one thing unites Bill and Hillary Clinton it’s their frustration, and even disgust, with Democratic candidates who fail to fight back. Clinton says he just can’t understand the phenomenon of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth tarring a guy like John Kerry, who was a real war hero in Vietnam, and getting away with it, with all the tacit encouragement of the Republican national campaign. It’s beyond his imagining.

On traveling with him:

You may not like Bill Clinton, but one thing he is not is boring or inert. He can be tiring, in the sense that there is no unspoken thought. In aides and others, I can see a certain kind of ironic “no man is a hero to his valet” effect. But if you were a playwright you’d be well advised to get next to a personality like that, as opposed to most politicians you encounter.