John Brummett writes today about Mike Huckabee’s contradictory nature. Altogether, it works.

Here’s what appears to be happening in Huckabee’s gearing up to run for the Republican presidential nomination: His good first impression – made by his likable nature, quick if sometimes corny or inappropriate wit, glibness, appearance of political candor and eclectic array of views – has catapulted him from the comically nonserious to inclusion among those not to be dismissed altogether lest the front-runners fade.

There’s a touch of news here. The Huckster says he’s going to ratchet down his campaigning out-of-state in October, presumably to help A$a some in the state of which he is nominal governor. Brummett went to press, of course, before we posted yesterday’s note about The Huckster’s two-day campaign trip for Oklahoma candidates.