UPDATE: Dianne Curry waxed Tom Brock’s butt in the runoff for Zone 7 on the LR School Board.  Acorn and the Little Rock Classroom Teachers Association worked the neighborhood tirelessly and overcame endorsements from presumed SWLR powers like Joan Adock and B.J. Wyrick.

Final tally from the Election Commission :

Curry 903

Brock 542

Only 800 or so voted in the first election that set up the runoff, an indication of the huge interest in this race. Noted: The repeated endorsements and union bashing by the Democrat-Gazette had little impact in SWLR.

Curry carried 8 of 11 boxes and, though she was beaten as expected in Otter Creek, she piled up a respectable 182 votes there to Brock’s 280.

The CTA-endorsed candidates won two of three contested races this year and it took perhaps the best organized and most expensive Board campaign since the deseg days of the 1950s by the business community, led by the cheerleading of union-hating D-G publisher Walter Hussman, win that seat.

The CTA celebrated at Regina’s in the East End, joined by other candidates they backed this year for the Board, which has its first black majority thanks to Curry’s win. They had reason to celebrate. There’s something akin to a balance of power on the LR School Board now. Supt. Roy Brooks is no longer in a position of supreme command, with no need to consult the board before taking unilateral action dictated by Walton or Hussman money.

The Ark. Times had urged voters to expel Tom Brock, who called teachers’ horses’ butts in a public meeting and lied about it when we asked him about it. They did, resoundingly.