We told you earlier this week that the UA had sent out a gentle reminder to football fans that state law prohibits consumption of alcohol in public and that campus cops would be patrolling football tailgate parties with that law in mind.

We used the occasion to note the university’s hypocritical position on drinking. Using the sham argument that stadium skyboxes are privately leased premises, the university turns a blind eye to alcohol consumption there. We understand, too, that there has been plenty of public drinking in the Garden, the ritzy new tailgate area near Razorback Stadium. We had a spirited exchange with the UA PR apparatus over our observations.

Perhaps we can engender another one. A communication from the Razorback Foundation has reached us. It was distributed to people with spots in a parking lot reserved for high-dollar contributors. It’s an 11-point list of suggestions on traffic, pedestrians, saving parking spaces, proper display of parking permits, etc.

But we couldn’t help but note item No. 7


No alcohol or liquor is to be exposed in the open. It must be in plastic cups at all times. The police will be monitoring all parking lots.

It’s OK to drink if you’re in the Razorback Foundation lot, in other words. Just don’t flaunt it.