This morning brought a lot of polling news related to the Arkansas elections, but no numbers in the treasurer’s race between Democrat Martha Shoffner and Republican Chris Morris.

Still, that contest has seen a bit of drama this week, with Morris on Monday attacking Shoffner on her civil rights record [] because she voted against creating a committee to oversee the Daisy Gatson Bates state holiday (even though she voted to create the holiday itself).

Then yesterday it emerged that Morris was asked to leave his job in Gov. Mike Huckabee‘s office for apparently using a state computer to campaign. []

Morris denied any wrongdoing through his campaign manager, but Huckabee spokeswoman Alice Stewart left the clear impression that officials on Huckabee’s staff thought otherwise.


On Monday, the governor’s office began investigating whether Morris had used his computer for campaign purposes.

Morris then “left” the governor’s office Tuesday, Huckabee spokesman Alice Stewart said.

“We did conduct a review of his computer. At the conclusion of the review it was determined by all that it would be best for Chris to not continue full-time employment in the office during the campaign,” Stewart said.