In our periodic effort to highlight the work of our community bloggers, I call attention today to Arkanass R.F.D., which is a busy roundup of local news from all over the state. Some good dispatches here on state legislative races and the mighty fight to vote MarionCounty totally wet. A great debate up in North Arkansas over whether one candidate is really a cattleman and whether the other hunts or fishes.

But our man missed this big scrap in Searcy, where folks have been parking too close to the courthouse with campaign signs on their cars and pickups. (No campaigning within 100 feet of the entrance to a polling place, remember?) Quoting White County Clerk Tanya Burleons, the Daily Citizen reported:

Burleson said the most prevalent law-breaking activity has been supporters or candidates parking at the courthouse square with magnetic campaign signs displayed on their vehicles.

“They’ll park on the square and go eat at Bobby’s or get their haircut or go shopping,” Burleson said. “Most of the time, I think they just forget that they’ve got the signs on their vehicles. One gentleman refused to move his vehicle that had a campaign sign on it and we had to go out and put paper over the sign. He was parked right near the door. We just ask everyone to be aware of the law and to cooperate.”