An article in The Hill highlights Republican bickering about whether national organizations, such as the Republican Governors Association, did enough to help candidates for governor in red states (meaning red presidentially) such as Arkansas. A locally relevant passage, which refers to an unnamed consultant unhappy about the effort:

The consultant also said more could have been done in Arkansas, where Democrat Mike Beebe defeated Republican Asa Hutchinson 55-41 to replace Huckabee.

Conversely, Richard Dresner, a GOP consultant who has worked for and is close to Huckabee, said Arkansas, Kansas and Oklahoma were not winnable. He said the prevailing Republican strategy of relying on the party’s vaunted turnout machine was more responsible for Republican losses than a lack of funds.

“I don’t think it would have made any difference if they would have spent more money in places like Kansas or Arkansas,” Dresner said. “Nothing could have saved the governor’s race in Arkansas unless Mike Huckabee was running.”


Maybe not even then.