At least one Mountain Home school is delivering Bibles (King James) to kids if they choose the right door when they leave the lunchroom. The superintendent is sure this is a legal practice. ACLU official isn’t so sure. We wonder who’s supplying the Bibles. Check that, they are Gideon Bibles.

UPDATE: Blog reader Libertas reminds us that the issue of Gideon distribution of Bibles in Arkansas schools was squarely decided against even voluntary distribution in a 1973 case in the Cross County schools and availability of Gideon Bibles in the Cherry Valley elementary. Judge Oren Harris, no liberal, wouldn’t allow it. He quoted a New Jersey case:

We cannot accept the argument that . . . the State is merely ‘accommodating’ religion. It matters little whether the teachers themselves will distribute the Bibles or whether that will be done by members of the Gideons International. The same vice exists, that of preference of one religion over another. . . . The society is engaged in missionary work, accomplished in part by placing the King James version of the Bible in the hands of public school children throughout the United States. To achieve this end it employs the public school system as the medium of distribution. . . . In other words, the public school machinery is used to bring about the distribution of these Bibles to the children . . . .”