1) Haunt the stores for the hot toys, maddeningly out of stock until Sunday, when campers will line up at 4 a.m., if not earlier, so they may buy them and resell them on eBay at a premium.

2) Go to Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church on Springer Blvd. at 1 p.m and raise hell with members of the Little Rock Board of  Directors for proposing to give away Gillam Park land  to a wealthy mining company to blast the Granite Mountain neighborhood to smithereens. And raise hell, too, about having  a vote of the lame duck board to approve the deal instead of waiting until the first of the year.

3) Put on your dancing shoes and grab your checkbook. It’ll take $500 to gain admittance to Gov. Mike Huckabee’s Christmas gala to raise money for his presidential exploratory effort. I put in a request for press credentials, but the governor’s press person hasn’t gotten back to me just yet. I’d welcome reports from attendees and, of course, photos of the Gala and the after-party. Please let me know who bought naming rights to the late night sock hop with the governor’s band. Ringside tables are $100,000.