Heard over the cocktail weenies:

1) It’s never fun to get a colonoscopy. But we hear that the procedure last week with Dr. Dean Kumpuris was even less pleasant than usual. The doctor, embroiled in the A&P controversy (which was on every tongue wagging at the party we attended), apparently isn’t in a good humor, a recipient of the procedure reported. His somber mood isn’t likely to improve in the short run, should you be considering bedside manner in weighing this particular procedure. Willl Dr. Kumpuris attempt to stay on the commission, which has been an important part of his long-running and generally productive vision to rebuild downtown?  Will other directors slap him in the face by refusing? The questions linger.

2) Multiple public radio listeners were buzzing about remarks by Gov. Mike Huckabee on air last week. He’s already gotten some flak for comparing his weight loss to a concentration camp regimen. Wait’ll the offended get a load of the latest. He’s apparently compared his feeling on completing a term as governor to how Oskar Schiindler must have felt — so much more work to do

Yes, of course. Governing Arkansas and risking your life to save Jews from extermination are clearly equivalent. Mike Huckabee = Oskar Schindler. Sure, Heck, is Oskar even a match for The Huckster? We do know he  never got $6,500 worth of dishes for his sacrifice.

Those interested in politics, please send this permalink around. We’ll get the transcript posted as soon as we can find it.

3) Finally, some day, some day. A love story for the ages.