Checking in for e-mail between vacation day rounds I find:

1) LR ZOO — It issues a reminder that admission fees are going up, from $6 to $8 for adults and $4 to $6 for children. Release on the jump.

2) ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION — The LR Board of Directors will have a special meeting at 4:30 p.m. today to discuss the recent unpleasantness about financial matters at the LR Convention and Visitors Bureau. It should be on the local cable access channel. Even if the board CAN meet in private, should it under these circumstances, where behind-the-scenes deals and clubbiness are the sore points in the story?

PS — A reader notes that the scrutiny given A&P in recent days should be applied to other independent and quasi-independent local governmental entities with large revenue streams and big responsibilities but not a great deal of day-to-day scrutiny — Airport Commission, Sewer Committee, Central Arkansas Water, etc. Good questions: What are the nature of the audits; are they wholly independent and fully review such as expense accounts?


PPS — It’s 4:30 and the local access channel says a special city board meeting is underway. Surely they are not holding a secret session to discuss LR CVB. Executive sessions may be held only to discuss the hiring, firing, promotion and demotion of employees. Does the city board even directly supervise anyone at that agency? They cannot, in any case, hold a general discussion of an agency in secret. Never mind, it’s just a late start.