I’ve been dogging it today, in part to do some cooking.

U.S. military deaths have reached 3,000 in Ira (Iraqi deaths are in the tens of thousands). The Democrat-Gazette says three more homicides have been reported in Pulaski County today. The Coalition of Little Rock Neighborhoods is still raising heck about City Hall insider review of the Advertising and Promotion Commission and about the resistance to using A&P funds for parks (thus relieving pressure on the general fund) even as the city moves to transfer some funding responsibility for the Riverfront Park amphitheater to A&P.

And speaking of city government. You are invited to the swearing-in tomorrow of LR city officers — 9 a.m. at City Hall with a 10 a.m. reception to follow at the Arkansas Arts Center.

News scoop: Incoming Mayor Mark Stodola tells our reporter David Koon that he likely will NOT take a seat on the Advertising and Promotion Commission, given the obvious complications that have arisen. He will be able to appoint someone instead.

You are invited, also, to contribute to another open line.