After 10 years in office, you’d think Gov. Mike Huckabee wouldn’t need remedial instruction in the basics of state law, Constitution and the legislative appropriation process. But, clearly, he does — witness his recent illegal “gift” of $2 million in taxpayer money to a cancer research center at UAMS and an endowed chair for the UAMS physician who helped him lose weight, neither appropriation authorized by legislation. The Constitution does not give the governor unilateral authority to transfer appropriated funds to other purposes.

Happily, the editorial writer at the Arkansas Leader, veteran Capitol observer Ernest Dumas, is on hand to give Gov. Huckabee some instruction in the law, though Huckabee’s own finance chief would have been happy to provide it, had only the governor asked. Dumas’ editorial explains why Huckabee might not be so happy these days to seek DF&A Director Richard Weiss’ counsel. He tends to tell the truth. Huckabee does not.


And a rogue thought occurred to us. Do you think the governor might have had an idea about someone to honor in creating the endowed professorship for the physician at UAMS who was instrumental in the weight loss that propels his presidential bid?  The Michael Dale Huckabee Chair in Obesity Research would have a certain undeniable appeal to The Huckster, don’t you think?

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